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Title: Sweet Like Sugar
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, SugarDaddy!AU
Length: ~9,000 words
Kinks: top!soo, rimming, age gap, praise!kink
Summary: Jongin delivers Chinese food to a nice neighbourhood and gets the tip of his life.
A/N: Congrats KFR on 10k ♡ hope u enjoy!

It’s the last delivery of the night. Jongin is quick on his feet as he hops off his motorbike, flicking the peg down with his foot as he grabs the paper bag of food that’s balanced on the front. He briefly glances down at the ticket stapled onto the bag, making sure the address is right. He’s in the rich side of town, where homeowners set their dumb sprinklers to turn on at the worst times (whenever Jongin drives by, precisely). He gives out a low whistle as he walks the short distance towards the house. It’s huge, white lights lining the edge of the roof, making it look like it’s under a jeweller’s glass case. It’s all one floor, the building is wide taking up a lot of land but lacked in height. Luckily, the sprinklers aren’t turned on so Jongin comfortably walks the little cobblestone path.

The path leads to a semi-circle driveway, a black on black Maserati parked towards the side. If Jongin were shameless he would’ve popped out his phone and sent a picture to a couple of friends. Instead, he pauses to admire it, sighing at the suede-like exterior.

“Asshole,” he mutters under his breath. It was always fun delivering Chinese food to wealthy neighbourhoods, but it eventually left Jongin feeling sorry for himself.

He’s a broke college student, taking refuge in coffee shops and libraries to try and save on his electricity bill. His parents do what they can with helping out, but Jongin always felt like shit when he had to ask—he’s supposed to be independent now that he’s twenty. Obviously, delivering Chinese food wasn’t the best pay but it was what he had to rely on for now, having recently been laid off of his previous job. Luckily, his landlord is pretty lenient on students, so he’s been taking extra shifts in hopes to make this month’s rent.

Walking up to the gigantic front doors he can’t take his eyes off of the car, feeling jealousy invade his thoughts. He rings the bell next to the double doors’ frame, adjusting the paper bag so the smell of fried rice isn’t hitting his face.

He’s too busy staring at the Maserati to notice one of the doors opening.

Someone clears their throat and Jongin jumps, facing forward with wide eyes. “H-Hello—!” he tries to quickly greet but his voice gets caught in his throat. The man who answers the door immediately gives off importance; one that shouts poise and control. It makes Jongin want to curl in on himself even if the other is quite shorter. His eyebrows stand out amongst his face, eyes dark and alluring paired with thick lips. Simply put, if he thought the car was fine the owner was definitely something else.

Realizing that he hasn't said anything and has only stared at the handsome man, he perks up to try and clear his concentration. “You ordered?”

The man nods his head, giving a little smile that makes Jongin relax a bit. “Yeah, give me a second,” he says before turning to disappear into his home.

The door is left open and Jongin peeks his head inside. He can’t help but feel curious—it’s not every day he gets to see the inside of a mansion. He jerks back when the man walks by again.

“Sorry, I think I left my wallet in my room. Come in if you want.”

Jongin hesitantly nods, watching as the stranger goes out of sight again. He steps inside, closing the door behind him which leaves him in silence. He stays in his spot by the door, but he toes the line a bit and pokes his head about, looking around the corner to see a room with white bricked walls, creme couches and a broad fireplace burning slowly. There’s a huge window every which way Jongin looks, making the house open and airy. It’s all so extravagant and Jongin finds himself hating the guy a little. What would he not do to live like this.

He hears footsteps so he quickly straightens himself out again, trying to not look like he was just cursing the guy out in his mind. He puts on a smile when the man emerges from a room, wallet in his hand but his eyes on Jongin.

“Like what you see?” He asks with a teasing tone.

Jongin laughs, realizing he was probably caught poking his nose around. “Sorry, your house is just so beautiful,” he admits, glancing up to admire the intricate designs on the ceiling.

“It’s not my favourite,” the other replies. He’s leaning against a wall now, plain t-shirt tight around his biceps with his arms crossed in front of his chest. “I’ve got a bigger one,” he brags.

“You have more than one house?” Jongin asks in amazement. It doesn’t even bother him that this guy seems a little full of himself, hell, he would be too. He’s also too preoccupied by imagining what this guy’s other homes look like to notice that the food was probably getting cold. But the stranger seems entertained by his wonderment to say anything either.

“Just a few.”

“Holy shit,” Jongin whispers, all sense of manners flying out the door. “What’s someone got to do to live like this?”

The man laughs, a deep chuckle that Jongin feels tingle down his spine. “Own a couple of restaurant chains in my case. For others, there’s different ways, of course.”

Jongin looks down, suddenly feeling bashful with the smirk the stranger has on. This man’s attractiveness was really prodding at Jongin’s heart. “Um, your food,” he mumbles not wanting to overstay. “It’ll be twenty-two fifty-six please.”

“Ah, of course.” The man advances closer, looking down at his wallet. Jongin tries not to make it obvious how surprised he is when the man pulls out a wad of bills, plucking a hundred and holding it out for him.

Jongin goes to pull out his own wallet to give change back but the man stops him by grabbing his hand.

“It’s fine, beautiful.”

He gulps, red tinting his cheeks from the nickname. “O-Oh, thank you.”

The man lets go of his hand, but not before trailing his fingers up Jongin’s wrist. The atmosphere turns thick and it’s clear the guy is hitting on him. Mr. I-Own-More-Than-One-House is staring at him heavily, the tilt in his smile still there and it makes Jongin internally swoon. But Jongin smells like fried egg and sesame oil and he’s never done something like this before—so he bids a quick goodbye and heads out of the house trying to not let disappointment seep inside his thoughts.

It’s only the next week when Jongin is told he’s delivering to the same address. His coworker, Jongdae, almost snags the order before him but Jongin nearly tackles him before he can. He gets an odd look from the girl manning the cashier but ignores it.

He doesn’t know why he’s so eager to go back, he tries telling himself it’s because of the hell of a tip he received, but really he can’t get that look out of his head. The man in general has been plaguing his mind, from his broad chest--that Jongin wants nothing more than to snuggle against—to his plush rosy lips. Just picturing him in his white t-shirt and sweatpants, opening the door and smirking that glorious smirk of his makes Jongin sigh like a lovesick girl.

God, he’s so hot.

“Hurry the hell up!” the girl behind the cashier yells, glaring at him when Jongin side-eyes her.

What a way to kill his vibe. Nonetheless, he picks up the paper bag, leaving the restaurant and towards his motorbike that’s parked against the side. He easily swings his leg over, revving it up and driving off.

The house’s glow streams through the numerous trees in front of it, bathing upon Jongin as he turns off the engine to his bike. He walks the familiar path, nervously clutching onto the bag of food. He wonders if the man will remember him.

He spots the black car again, sitting in the same state Jongin had last seen it in. This time, he’s not as interested in it, his mind too busy replaying visuals of the stranger opening the door from the last time. Was he annoyed when Jongin kind of ran out on him before? He huffs out a sigh, telling himself to calm down. Jongin is simply a delivery boy dropping off food for a wealthy and seemingly vain guy, he shouldn’t overthink it.

Okay, but he was getting all touchy feely and wow he was such a daddy—

The door suddenly opens and Jongin is once again faced with the god that is the generous stranger. Except this time he’s in a suit, and even the chef at his job knows he has a thing for men in anything formal. Jongin, quite frankly, doesn’t really care that he’s staring. He blatantly looks the man up and down, eyes raking over his slim legs in black and the unbuttoned dress shirt underneath his suit.

The man seems to notice this, his pretty lips tilting up in that smirk of his. “I saw you on my security camera. You were standing there for quite a bit,” he explains.

Jongin feels embarrassed, clearing his throat and willing himself to look the man in the eye and not his crotch. “Ha, sorry. Got some things on my mind.” It’s not like it’s a lie, rent is a bitch. “It’ll be thirty-eight dollars please.” He gets straight to the point, suddenly feeling grimy standing in front of the other.

“Mm,” the man hums. “Come inside for a minute.”

Following his orders, Jongin briefly wonders if he’d be as comfortable with this if the man wasn’t so hot.

“Take a seat, I might be a while.”

Once again, Jongin does as he says. He takes off his shoes, not wanting to dirty the plush carpet that’s laid out in front of the creme couches from before. Meekly taking a seat, he places the paper bag onto the coffee table, resting his hands in his lap and staring in awe around him. It’s stayed the same from last time, but this time he can look behind himself, finding a bare room save for the paintings on the walls and the sculptures on display. He wants to go take a closer look, but he doesn’t want to overstep his boundaries either—so he stays seated, swallowing down the lump of nerves.

The stranger returns after a while, taking longer than the other time he went to retrieve his wallet. He stops halfway, standing in the entranceway of the room Jongin is sitting in. He’s busy tapping away at his phone, eyebrows furrowed. Jongin takes a moment to mentally praise his tuxedo again.

A moment becomes quite a while, so Jongin awkwardly coughs. “I-Isn’t it odd that someone like you orders takeout,” he says with a laugh.

“Someone like me?” the man asks, eyebrows raised and gaze locked on Jongin’s.

“I-I mean like…you can have any chef you want, right?”

“Yeah, but everyone needs greasy fried food once in awhile.”

They fall back into silence, the man continuing to type on his phone. Jongin starts to worry that his boss is going to wonder where he is. The last thing he needs is to get fired from his job. “Um, the food,” he presses, playing with his fingers out of nervousness.

“Hold on beautiful.”

That name again. Jongin puckers his lips, his ears tinting pink.

Finally, the man puts his phone away, slipping it into his pocket before he comes to sit next to Jongin, a whiff of expensive cologne invading the space as he does so. “You hungry? I ordered enough for two.”

Jongin squints his eyes, a little annoyed that this guy thinks he can just take a random lunch break. “I really have to get back to work.”

“Jongin, right?”

Jongin doesn’t get to reply, stumbling over his words.

“I got my assistant to cover your shift, you’re fine.”

“What?” Jongin manages out, watching in disbelief as the man reaches for the paper bag and opens it up. “You’re going to get me fired!”

The man shrugs. “Stay with me and I’ll pay you what you get in two weeks worth of labour. How much is your paycheque? Four-hundred?”

“What are you saying?” Jongin asks, completely overwhelmed. Did this guy actually get his shift covered? Or is this some mean prank rich jerks play on delivery boys trying to get them fired? “I-I don’t even know you—what if you’re some kind of—”

“My name is Do Kyungsoo, I recently turned thirty, I own multiple restaurants, anything that smells like vanilla gives me headaches and I hate reality TV.” He smiles at the end of his monologue like he just proved a point.

Jongin shakes his head, feeling sudden doubt. “I-I don’t know…”

The man’s smile looks a little defeated, but he starts pulling out food anyway, taking out the box of egg rolls and picking the piece of tape holding it close apart. “The door is open, you’re free to leave. I won’t make you do anything.”

Biting his lip, Jongin mulls it over a bit. This Kyungsoo guy seems really nice, super handsome, and he’s just so tired with school and pretending everything is okay with his parents. Why not do something a little spontaneous? “Promise you won’t kill me?” he quietly questions, hoping the other doesn’t get offended.

Kyungsoo chuckles, his eyes squinting adorably and Jongin instinctively smiles along. “Of course not, I’d never hurt a pretty thing like you.”

On instinct, Jongin blushes and looks down at his lap. He’s been known to be a blabbermouth, barely having a filter, but apparently a few sweet words from Kyungsoo turns him into mush.

“You’re gorgeous, you know that?” Kyungsoo says, leaning in closer and lifting his hand to run it through Jongin’s chocolate locks.

Jongin lets out a short laugh, feeling embarrassed as the man runs his hand down his nape, rubbing his index finger against the fine hairs there.

“I’m serious,” Kyungsoo continues, sensing his insecurity. “I’ve seen beautiful men and women all over the world, but you…there’s something about you. Maybe it’s your eyes,” he contemplates, trailing his hand up to cup his cheek. “Or your nose—which I adore.”

Jongin scrunches his nose when Kyungsoo’s finger taps against it.

“Then there’s your lips,” he breathes out and Jongin tenses as the other brushes his thumb against his bottom lip. “So plump, like the pulp of a fruit, and I can’t imagine how sweet they taste.”

Jongin flickers his eyes up, catching Kyungsoo’s heavy gaze. The man looks like he wants to devour him and Jongin doesn’t think he would mind. It feels like forever when Kyungsoo eventually looks away, not before throwing a reassuring smile.

“Do you like chicken?” He asks after opening a styrofoam container. He picks a piece up with wooden chopsticks, blowing on the steam.

Jongin watches, mesmerized by the steam rolling off Kyungsoo’s perfect skin, his pink lips inches away from the chicken. “Yeah,” he answers.

He can’t take his eyes off of the other man as he brings the chicken to Jongin’s lips, gently placing it on his tongue. Jongin chews, feeling shy from the other’s gaze. Something so mundane felt sensual in a way; with the way Kyungsoo was watching him eat.

“Good?” The others questions. With his free hand he reaches for Jongin’s that’s settled in his lap, wrapping his fingers around his and oddly enough it makes the younger relax.

A second passes and Kyungsoo turns away, dropping his hand to pick up a slice of steamed carrot. He brings it to Jongin’s lips, slipping it in-between and smiling when Jongin chews. “You’re being a good boy.”

Those words make Jongin’s fingers curl against his palms, puffing out a breath from the small shock it causes him.

He’s not clueless. He knows there’s an obvious sexual tension. He first felt it when Kyungsoo had given him a hefty tip, hence Jongin running off. The motive is clear as day with the way Kyungsoo looks at Jongin; how his eyes trail down to his lips, linger on his tongue as the younger pokes it out for the chicken that Kyungsoo holds against them. And then Kyungsoo uses his finger to brush the sauce on the corner of Jongin’s mouth off, pressing the younger’s chin open with his thumb for Jongin to lick the sauce off.

Closing his eyes, Jongin lets it happen, twirling his supple tongue around Kyungsoo’s finger until the tangy sauce is gone. He gently hangs his mouth open, allowing Kyungsoo to slowly pull back, a trail of saliva wetting Jongin’s bottom lip.

“It’s good,” Jongin mumbles, quickly feeling shy from what he just did.

Kyungsoo looks at him like he’s proud. “I should take you somewhere nice some time.”

Jongin’s eyes light up and Kyungsoo chuckles.

“Have you ever tried Italian cuisine?” he asks, picking up a vegetable with his chopsticks and feeding it to Jongin as the boy shakes his head ‘no’. “Really? See, someone as beautiful as you deserves to experience such things.”

Compliments shouldn’t affect Jongin so much, but it does. He’s always been told he’s blessed with good genes all throughout his life, and although he hasn’t allowed it to get to his head, he’s kind of used to it. But Kyungsoo makes him feel different. His cheeks dust with a pretty pink and he bites his lip from smiling too hard. “Thank you.”

“What do you say?” Kyungsoo asks, placing the chopsticks down and pulling Jongin’s hands into his own.

“About what?”

“About you going to places with me. I can take you anywhere you want, I can buy you anything you want.”

Kyungsoo’s palms are warm against Jongin’s knuckles, his thumbs soothingly running over the bones that jut out from the backs of his hands.

A laugh leaves Jongin, finding something so good hard to believe. “Why would you do that for me? You don’t even know me.”

“I think pretty things deserve the best.” Kyungsoo brings Jongin in closer until their thighs are touching. He pulls one hand away and rests his arm on his shoulders absently playing with the younger’s hair. “And we can get to know each other, beautiful. I’d never want you to feel uncomfortable.”

Jongin doesn’t know what to say so he just looks down, comparing Kyungsoo’s suit and his own jeans and hoodie. Kyungsoo continues stroking his hair and Jongin can’t help but lean in, loving the way it sends shivers down his body.

It was a little scary how quick a stranger could turn Jongin into putty. It’s as if Kyungsoo knew Jongin was thinking about him over the past few days, imagining not so pure thoughts about him since their first meeting. He made Jongin feel in control, but the younger knew he would probably do anything Kyungsoo asks of him.

“What are you thinking?” Kyungsoo questions, caressing the tip of Jongin’s ear like a kitten’s with his arm still wrapped around him.

Jongin shrugs. “It’s just a little hard to believe--not that I don’t believe in you. Maybe a little too good to be true? Very much so, actually.”

He reddens when he realizes he’s babbling.

Kyungsoo doesn’t seem bothered however, he looks happy that Jongin seems to finally be talking. “How about you think about it, hm?”

After a bit more of chatting they both stand and Kyungsoo holds onto his hand as they walk to the doors. Jongin feels precious with the way the older man treats him. It makes him feel all bubbly inside, like he’s receiving endless amounts of gifts when it’s just a simple gesture from the other.

He bends down to slip on his sneakers, coming back up to be met with Kyungsoo’s smile.

“Come back whenever, alright? My doors are always open for you.” Kyungsoo sweeps Jongin’s bangs to the side, looking at him like he’s more expensive than the watch on his wrist.

“Even if I don’t have Chinese food with me?” Jongin jokes, admiring the twinkle in Kyungsoo’s eyes as he laughs along.

“Of course.”

Jongin turns to open the door but Kyungsoo holds him back by the wrist.


Kyungsoo reaches into his pocket, pulling out his wallet and Jongin isn’t as surprised when he sees the thick collection of bills. However, he is a bit stunned when Kyungsoo removes four hundred dollar bills from the wad this time, holding them out for Jongin to take.

“I-It was only thirty-eight dollars,” Jongin reminds with wide eyes. Who’s that crazy to even offer such an amount?

“I know. I’ve already transferred money to the restaurant, so this is all yours.” Kyungsoo takes Jongin’s hand, unfolding his fingers and placing the money in between. “Get yourself something nice.”

“I can’t take this,” Jongin mumbles, convinced Kyungsoo is just messing with him.

“Yes you can. Take it as a thank you, for spending time with me.”

Jongin’s features turn worried, unsure if he really should.

In the end, he does. Letting his hand linger against Kyungsoo’s. “Thank you.”

“Will I see you soon?” Kyungsoo asks as Jongin opens the door.


Seeming desperate is never a good look on anyone, which is why Jongin has yet to visit Kyungsoo again. It’s almost been a month and he’s been craving the other man’s attention ever since. He barely got a taste of it last time and now all he can think about is how much more can he receive of it.

He’s heard of people who’ve came about similar experiences, where an old guy with too much money offered it all for their company and sometimes other favours. Except Kyungsoo isn’t an old guy. He barely looks his age--mature and sexy as hell, yes--but he looks nothing like the images Google provides when searching up a sugar daddy.

A sugar daddy.

Jongin doesn’t really like the sound of that, or rather what images the name entails. That sort of thing makes Jongin think he’s just in it for the money, but he actually enjoyed the time he had with Kyungsoo.

Well, maybe a sugar daddy isn’t such a bad thing if it’s Kyungsoo. He’s kind, smart, handsome, and most importantly makes Jongin feel safe. Plus, Jongin can barely afford a decent meal, so why the hell not?

These thoughts are what drive him to be currently standing in front of Kyungsoo’s residence. This time he’s dressed nicer, a long sleeved v-neck paired with black jeans is pretty nice in his opinion anyway. He smells like his peach scented shampoo rather than stir fry and his hair is casually parted. He wanted to look his best, because deep down he’s hoping for something a little more this time.

Jongin rings the doorbell, hands clasped behind his back hoping to god Kyungsoo is home. He would probably never come back again out of embarrassment if he isn’t.

Fortunately, Kyungsoo answers the door. His eyes visibly brighten when they fall on Jongin, a striking smile taking over his face. “What a pleasant surprise,” he muses. The man is dressed in simple jeans today, not sleepwear or a suit and it somehow makes Jongin think he’s not bothering him at the moment.

“I thought I would give you a visit--if you’re not busy! I didn’t have your number or anything to check and you said I can come whenever, so yeah, I hope I’m not intruding.”

Kyungsoo chuckles, reaching out for Jongin’s arm and gently pulling him inside. “You’d never be a bother to me. I did say you can drop by anytime.” He closes the door, nodding his head for Jongin to follow as he walks ahead.

They arrive at the kitchen. It’s brightly lit, pewter coloured counters and hundreds of black cabinets are what stand out.

“Sit,” Kyungsoo says, motioning towards the stools that are lined next to the island in the middle of the area. “Are you hungry?”

“Oh, no,” Jongin reassures with his hands. “I just ate.”

“A drink then?”


Jongin bites his lip from the dumb smile that’s threatening to reveal itself.

“What would you like?” Kyungsoo asks, back facing Jongin as he opens a cabinet to presumably pull out cups.

“Um,” Jongin thinks, wetting his lips in concentration. “Do you have apple juice?”

He hears Kyungsoo quietly laugh. “Sure.”

It’s when Kyungsoo places two wine glasses of apple juice on the counter that Jongin blushes. He meant that kind of drink. While berating himself for looking like a child he takes a sip of his juice, watching over the rim as Kyungsoo comes to sit next to him, apple juice in front of him too.

They adjust their seats a little, so they’re facing each other.

“So, what made you come back on this fine evening?” Kyungsoo asks, elbow propped on the table.

Jongin shrugs, looking away towards the side. “I missed you,” he mumbles with a smile.

“Already missing me? How lucky am I.”

Red colours Jongin’s cheeks. He thinks it’s the other way around, to be honest. Nonetheless, he decides to show interest to try and give Kyungsoo a hint. “Well, you didn’t order anything for a while. Thought you got bored of me.”

“I didn’t want to come off too persistent,” Kyungsoo replies. A corner of his lip is curled up in amusement and Jongin decides he’s doing good. “Can’t you tell I’m already head over heels for you?”

That gets Jongin’s heart going. He laughs, holding onto his glass to keep his fingers from fidgeting. “You haven’t even taken me out on a date yet.”

“Oh? So have you decided to give me a chance?” Kyungsoo asks, a hint of excitement behind his voice and Jongin finds it adorable.

“Only if you make me want to stay the night,” Jongin teases, a bit hesitantly. He bites his lip from nerves, worried Kyungsoo will reject his subtle offer, even though he knows the other wants him just as much.

“Are you giving me permission?” Kyungsoo asks, although his hand is already resting against Jongin’s knee, sensually trailing further up.

Jongin decides to make a bold move, getting up and turning Kyungsoo so his back rests against the kitchen’s island, swinging a leg over and sitting himself on his thighs. The small stool isn’t very accommodating for two, but Kyungsoo’s sturdy legs hold Jongin up, allowing for him to press their chests together and their lips as well.

He’s nervous as hell, but the feeling dwindles down when Kyungsoo’s hands grip onto Jongin’s hips, lowering until they’re cupping his ass. The kiss deepens when Jongin steadily opens his mouth, tempting Kyungsoo to use his tongue as he rests his elbows on the older’s shoulders, hands coming up to tangle in his short hair.

The kiss tastes like the apple juice that’s now forgotten off to the side. Kyungsoo gives in and works his tongue into Jongin’s mouth, starting by curling it against the roof of his mouth, and then swirling it against Jongin’s. He’s quick and experienced, so Jongin can only whimper pathetically, allowing Kyungsoo to do all the work. He sits on his lap, eyebrows furrowed and arousal growing from the way Kyungsoo kneads his ass and sucks on his tongue.

Retracting, Kyungsoo pecks Jongin’s plump bottom lip breaking the kiss. “Look at you,” Kyungsoo whispers, moving on to kiss his cheeks and chin. “Look how pretty you are for me.”

Jongin whines, crossing his arms behind Kyungsoo’s neck to bring their faces closer. The other’s words make him want to show Kyungsoo just how pretty he can be by grinding down on his crotch and putting on a show for him, but his body isn’t cooperating. “Kyungsoo,” he moans, voice whiny from want.

“Fuck,” Kyungsoo grunts in reply. One of his hands abandons Jongin’s ass to cradle his jaw instead. He tilts Jongin’s head--who’s quickly become lethargic from the need to be taken care of--and kisses down his neck, sucking bruises into his tanned skin. “You smell so good,” he mumbles against his skin.

“F-For you,” Jongin admits, his head falling to rest on Kyungsoo’s shoulder.

Kyungsoo smirks, continuing to leave open-mouthed kisses along Jongin’s neck, pulling his collar to the side to nibble on his clavicle as well. “You’re such a good boy for me.”

“Ah,” Jongin pants out when Kyungsoo uses more teeth to leave marks. He continues to keen, voice gradually becoming louder than the smacking sounds of kissing.

With a particular harsh suck that has Jongin’s body jerking, Kyungsoo withdraws. He coaxes Jongin to sit up straight again, bringing him in with a hand against his nape to softly kiss him. “Shall I take care of my good boy?”

Jongin’s head is too clouded to hear the actual question, mind focused on the way Kyungsoo calls him a good boy and how he lovingly strokes his neck with his thumb.

“Mm?” Kyungsoo urges, using his other hand to squeeze Jongin’s thigh that’s pressed against his waist.

“Yes,” Jongin gasps out.

“Get up,” Kyungsoo orders and Jongin’s heart drops until the older kisses his lips again, reassuring him that he himself wasn’t going anywhere.

Standing up, Jongin stumbles a little bit, his brain absolutely muddled from lust.

Kyungsoo gets up as well, and Jongin’s eyes fall down to his crotch where his cock bulges out down his leg. He almost moans from just the thought of it being inside of him, his ass or his mouth, he doesn’t care.

“On the counter.”

Gulping, Jongin follows the order. He uses the stool to help himself up onto the counter, resting his weight on his hands behind him. He shyly watches as Kyungsoo nears, pushing the stool out of the way with his foot and caging Jongin between his arms.

“Gonna let me see how beautiful you really are under these clothes?” Kyungsoo asks, slipping his hand underneath Jongin’s thin shirt.

The height difference is much more noticeable now, with Jongin sitting on the kitchen island and Kyungsoo between his spread legs. Yet Jongin still feels so delicate with the way Kyungsoo is gently lifting his shirt up, causing Jongin to lightly giggle. “O-Okay,” he nods, biting his lip when he feels the coolness of the A/C hit his heated skin.

“Arms up, baby,” Kyungsoo instructs, a smile on his lips from the adorable laugh.

Jongin lifts his arms, helping Kyungsoo with taking off his shirt.

“God, you’re gorgeous. So fucking perfect,” Kyungsoo says under his breath, more so to himself but Jongin still hears it and it makes him squirm. The older’s eyes scan over Jongin’s torso, over his bronze and flawless skin.

Finally, Kyungsoo touches him and Jongin moans when the other grips onto his sides, thumb feeling up the ridges of his ribs as he trails up to his nipples. He leans in, leaving wet kisses starting from his abdomen to his pecs. Jongin places his hand on the back of Kyungsoo’s head, watching as the other’s lip drag up his skin.

“Lie down for me,” Kyungsoo orders once again, straightening his back and lightly pushing against Jongin’s chest.

Doing so, Jongin whimpers, the cold of the counter harsh against his back. His body jerks when he feels Kyungsoo’s hands on his bare hipbone, canting his hips up for more but Kyungsoo only pushes him down.

“Patience. I’ll make you feel good, I promise,” Kyungsoo soothes, unbuttoning Jongin’s jeans.

Jongin lifts his head up to see Kyungsoo undoing his zipper now, but the position strains his neck so he begrudgingly lies back down, praying for the other to hurry up. He exhales a sigh of relief when Kyungsoo pulls his jeans off, the sound of the fabric hitting the floor dull behind Jongin’s excited breathing.

Running his hands along Jongin’s calves, Kyungsoo turns his head and nuzzles his nose into the taut skin. He kisses along his legs, using his hand to steady Jongin’s foot on his shoulder and turning his head to kiss the inside of his ankle. Jongin’s breath hitches and Kyungsoo looks down at the sprawled out boy, feeling his own dick twitch in his pants from how debauched the other already looks. “So patient for me,” he mumbles, voice dark despite his words.

It makes Jongin squirm against the counter, little puffs of air escaping his mouth. He can feel Kyungsoo watching him like how a cat watches a mouse try and escape its claws. Except, Kyungsoo’s slowly kissing down Jongin’s leg, caressing it like it’s made of glass. His lips are light on his skin, leaving a wake of goosebumps and the younger can only whisper out Kyungsoo’s name desperately.

“Kyungsoo,” Jongin cries louder this time, giving him a teary-eyed pout when the man looks over.

“What is it?” Kyungsoo questions, bending Jongin’s legs so his feet sit flat against the table. “What does my baby want?” He leans down between his spread legs, immediately being pulled in by Jongin.

He answers the question by fitting his lips against Kyungsoo’s thick ones. He’s already breathless, wrapping his arms around the other’s neck and whining into his mouth. Kyungsoo’s tongue is so warm and soft, like melted chocolate.

It makes Jongin feel like the best thing Kyungsoo’s ever tasted with how passionately he licks into his mouth, suckling on his tongue until Jongin’s back is arching off of the counter.

Kyungsoo shows mercy when Jongin starts panting. “You taste so good,” he hums before biting into Jongin’s plush bottom lip. “I can’t wait to taste the rest of you.”

Jongin feels the words throughout his whole body, his knees digging into Kyungsoo’s sides. “Please,” he begs, closing his eyes when Kyungsoo’s predatory gaze becomes too much.

Blinking his eyes open, he’s met with Kyungsoo’s head between his legs again, quickly feeling a gentle kiss on the inside of his thigh.

“Your skin,” Kyungsoo begins, placing another kiss there. “So soft, smells so good. I can’t get enough.”

Jongin whines under his breath, Kyungsoo’s words making him feel absolutely precious. The deepness of the other’s voice just makes it ten times better, digging the words into Jongin’s core and he thinks he can probably get off just from his voice.

However, Kyungsoo has other ideas when he suddenly places his lips over Jongin’s clothed crotch. Jongin closes his plush thighs around Kyungsoo’s head from the shock, but the other doesn’t mind as he squeezes the flesh with his hands.

“Does my beautiful boy like that?” Kyungsoo asks, eyes flickering up to meet Jongin’s who’s now gotten up onto his elbows.

“Yeah,” Jongin answers, breath stuttering when Kyungsoo places his mouth there again.

The older starts to mouth at his dick, poking his tongue out to run it along the dry material of Jongin’s boxers until they’re soaked through. The fabric sticks to Jongin’s dick, forming around his length and as Kyungsoo continues to run his lips along it, sucking and nibbling, Jongin can’t even tell it’s there.

But it’s not long until it’s not enough and Jongin is desperately lifting his hips to meet Kyungsoo’s mouth. Kyungsoo notices this and seems to feel a little bad, so he pulls off the boxers, the wet material sticking to Jongin’s length.

Once he’s completely bare, Kyungsoo becomes silent and Jongin flutters his eyes open. He blushes just from the look Kyungsoo has on as his eyes go over Jongin’s naked body. The younger can’t help but get shy, crossing his arms over his chest.

Kyungsoo isn’t having any of that as he grabs his wrists, pushing them apart. He leans down and kisses the middle of Jongin’s chest. “The most stunning thing I’ve seen in my life,” he whispers.

Jongin’s whole body feels flushed, but the other’s statement sends a jolt of arousal through him and he whimpers. He loves that Kyungsoo makes him feel so important, so beautiful like he should be kept away from the world. Call him narcissistic, but he can’t help the way it makes his heart beat faster.

After a few more kisses down Jongin’s stomach, Kyungsoo reaches his pelvis.

A small gasp leaves Jongin’s lips, still propped onto his elbows as he stares down at Kyungsoo who now uses his fingers to gently run up and down Jongin’s length. The older is slow, gentle with the amount of pressure and it drives Jongin absolutely nuts, his abdomen muscles rippling underneath his skin. He starts to whine, resting his weight on one elbow to free his other hand and reach for his own dick.

Kyungsoo stops him, moving closer to him and grabbing both of his hands. Jongin gets distracted when the other’s heaven-sent lips are back on his, not quite comprehending when Kyungsoo bends his arms so they clasp around his back.

All too soon Kyungsoo is leaning back, chuckling when Jongin tries to follow to reconnect their lips. “You were doing so good; you were being so patient for me,” he says, light reprimandment in his tone. “Lie down now.”

The last thing Jongin wants is for Kyungsoo to be disappointed in him, so he lies back down, his hands digging into his back but he doesn’t mind with the view of Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo looks like a deity, the ceiling lights behind him almost act like a halo around his body and Jongin can only stare up mesmerized.

He bites his lip, hips jerking when Kyungsoo’s rough fingers dance across his hip bone. He lowly moans as the older flattens his palm, using his thumb to rub right next to Jongin’s balls. “P-Please, I-I can’t--” Jongin pleads, eyes becoming glassy.

Laughing, Kyungsoo finally wraps his hand around Jongin’s cock, relishing the way Jongin’s cheeks redden and how his eyebrows come together, mouth falling open.

“My good boy is so sensitive, hmm?” Kyungsoo muses, applying pressure to the head of Jongin’s dick. “So pretty panting for me like that.”

Jongin becomes delirious, his head getting dizzy with how Kyungsoo switches from tightly squeezing his shaft to using his palm to spread the precome around the tip. “Fuck, fuck,” Jongin breathes out. His legs--that are still bent with his feet against the counter--sporadically jerk, squeezing Kyungsoo’s waist and spreading wide from the overwhelming pleasure. His whines are drawn out, chest heaving. “Kyung--soo, oh my--”

Kyungsoo stops and Jongin wants to scream at him, instead he looks at the other like he committed a crime.

“Relax, beautiful,” Kyungsoo says. It’s the first time Jongin notices how blown his pupils are and how his temples glisten from perspiration.

The younger nods, letting out a soft ah when Kyungsoo lifts his knees onto his shoulders. He raises Jongin’s hips by cupping his ass cheeks, lifting his bottom half. Jongin has no idea what the other is trying to do until he sees Kyungsoo’s head disappear below and something wet pokes at his hole.

“O-Oh,” Jongin gasps. Kyungsoo is using the flat of his tongue to lap at Jongin’s puckered rim and it causes his toes to curl from the ticklish feeling.

“Is that okay?” Kyungsoo asks, his hot breath hitting the area and Jongin shivers.


Jongin stays quiet as Kyungsoo continues to lick at his hole, sucking around the area gently. The room is filled with the older’s breathing and wet kissing sounds, along with Jongin’s quiet exhales. His ass cheeks don’t take long to become slick with spit, especially with how Kyungsoo is squeezing his globes and burying his nose deeper, mouth widening as he moves towards the side to lightly bites his cheeks. Jongin’s moans become high-pitched, mind whirring from the sight of Kyungsoo’s face between his ass as he glances down.

Slowly, he gets used to the feeling when Kyungsoo returns to his hole. He comes up to kiss below Jongin’s balls, which has the younger bucking his hips up. Kyungsoo digs his thumb into his ass cheek from the action, a low growl leaving his throat that jolts through Jongin’s body like no other way. The oddness of it all fades and is replaced by pleasure. His ass starts to clench, eager for Kyungsoo’s tongue to enter him.

Kyungsoo lets spit from his mouth fall onto Jongin’s balls, the younger’s dick twitching from the sudden feeling. He sighs out as the drool slides down his sack and down his cleft, settling in between.

“You taste so good,” Kyungsoo grunts as he lifts Jongin’s ass higher so it meets his face once again. “Can eat you out all fucking day.”

“Kyungsoo,” Jongin whines, blushing deep red, but god, he loves the attention.

The older only smirks, well aware of the effect his words have on Jongin. He goes back to his previous ministrations. This time he narrows his tongue, wiggling it into Jongin’s entrance and smiling when the younger’s moan hitches halfway.

“Oh fuck, t-that feels good,” Jongin mumbles. His arms begin to numb beneath him so he stretches them out to his sides, uselessly scratching at the smooth counter when Kyungsoo tongues deeper. “Hah, ah, fuck,” Jongin cries out helplessly.

Just like kissing, Kyungsoo is an expert with his tongue. He knows exactly when to flatten it, when to curl it and when to drag it out. He does this when Jongin starts to move his hips, secretly finding it adorable how the other curses under his breath.

Jongin chants Kyungsoo’s name, pairing it with please’s and a I’ll be a good boy I promise. Kyungsoo relents, giving the puckered hole a kiss before he returns to delving his tongue in, this time thrusting it in and out, lapping at the drool that leaks out and sucking until Jongin’s thighs are shaking.

“Oh please don’t stop,” Jongin pants, writhing and he almost laughs in glee when Kyungsoo finally lets him ride his face. He tilts his hips up and down, whining out breathy fuck’s mindlessly. Kyungsoo’s tongue feels so fucking good, slick and warm, the older’s puffs hitting Jongin’s ass in a way that makes his knees weak. “Holy shit.”

With Kyungsoo’s fingers dug into the flesh of Jongin’s plush globes and his tongue lapping and stretching his entrance, Jongin thinks he can come just from this. But then Kyungsoo lets one of his cheeks go and Jongin doesn’t have enough time to breath before there’s a finger sliding in next to Kyungsoo’s tongue.

The stretch is nothing for him and his moans only get louder. Kyungsoo mouth moves on to suckle at his ballsack as his finger replaces its previous spot. He adds another digit and is thrusting them in and out, curling them up and Jongin nearly screams.

His voice comes out in broken cries, completely blissed out as his prostate is hit dead on. His arms come up to stretch above his head, nearly knocking over the wine glasses of juice but he doesn’t even care. “Oh my--” his voice gets cut off as Kyungsoo wraps his mouth around his cock, lowering his bottom onto the table and using his free hand to push down on Jongin’s hips as his mouth gets to work. “Fuck- I’m gonna come.”

Kyungsoo’s tongue only swipes against the head of his cock faster as his fingers speed up inside of him.

Jongin barely acknowledges the fact he’s coming until his vision blanks and his body arches off of the counter, his moan nearly a scream as he spurts into Kyungsoo’s mouth. The latter continues sucking, swallowing Jongin’s load with a hum of approval. His fingers slowly come to a stop until he pulls them out, unlatching himself from the younger’s dick.

“So fucking beautiful,” Kyungsoo groans as his eyes go over Jongin’s body, voice gravelly and dark and Jongin can already feel his arousal picking up.

But he’s exhausted so he lays there, eyes clouded as he stares up at the ceiling.

It’s not until Kyungsoo quietly grunts and Jongin feels like a complete asshole. He gets up onto his elbows, wondering how the hell Kyungsoo still has his jeans on and cringing at how painful it must be. “Where’s your bedroom?” he asks, voice hoarse from all his moaning.

Kyungsoo seems to understand and he gives him a strained smile. “It’s fine, don’t worry.”

“No!” Jongin says a little too eagerly. He immediately blushes, looking down shyly and he wonders how the hell he went from shameless to a bashful kid. “I-I want to, please.” He hops off of the counter to prove his point, stumbling a little bit but Kyungsoo is quick to steady him. He tries to keep his mind off the fact that he’s completely naked and the older is totally clothed still. “I’ll be a good boy for you,” Jongin whispers into Kyungsoo’s ear, leaning his weight against him. He looks down at him desperately. Having Kyungsoo inside of him is something he definitely can’t pass up tonight and he can already feel his dick awakening from the thought.

Kyungsoo’s eyes darken, the smile fading from his features. He replies by taking his wrist and pulling him along through the house. It’s dimly lit so Jongin follows, bare feet pattering against the marbled floors. He feels himself get more excited as his gaze lands on Kyungsoo’s broad back, biting his lip in want.

They arrive at a door, Kyungsoo opening it and dropping Jongin’s hand to turn the dial next to the frame, lighting the room in a subtle warm hue.

His bed is huge, circular and high off the ground. Jongin doesn’t get a good chance to look around because Kyungsoo is quickly latching his lips onto his neck, sighing against it and causing the younger to quiver.

“Your clothes,” Jongin points out, pulling on Kyungsoo’s shirt to signal him that it was unfair how covered up he is.

Kyungsoo hums, pulling away to tug off his shirt, yanking down his jeans as well with a relieved hiss. He’s quick to take off his boxers as well and Jongin’s eyes widen at how nice the other’s cock is, but Kyungsoo is already pushing him towards the bed for him to stare any longer.

His back hits the bed with an oof, fluttering his eyes open to see Kyungsoo above him, his knees between Jongin’s.

“Fuck, you make me so hard,” Kyungsoo groans out, his palms running over Jongin’s thighs. “You’re so gorgeous, can’t control myself around you, y’know that?” He squeezes Jongin’s ass, his eyes shadowed by lust. “Gonna fuck you so good baby.”

Jongin writhes, lifting his chest and breathing out, feeling aroused just from the other’s words.

“Look at you,” Kyungsoo chuckles, his teeth glinting in the dim lighting. “Does my good boy want my cock in his tight ass?”

“Oh my god, yes,” Jongin whimpers. It seems the needier Kyungsoo gets the more dirtier his words become and it turns Jongin the hell on.

Leaning down, Kyungsoo kisses the same spot on his chest from before--right in the middle--and it makes Jongin’s heart skip a beat. The older comes back up with a sweet smile before getting off of the bed.

He rummages through his drawers, coming back with a bottle of lube and Jongin quickly grows eager, opening his legs back up for Kyungsoo to settle in.

“Ready?” Kyungsoo asks once his fingers are lubed up and pressing against Jongin’s entrance.

The latter nods, using the pillow under his head as something to squeeze in anticipation.

Kyungsoo starts with three fingers, eyes locked onto Jongin’s as he eases them inside. Jongin lets out a soft sigh, closing his eyes when Kyungsoo begins to move his fingers in and out. It doesn’t take long before he’s softly moaning, a smile making its way onto his lips.

“I’m good,” he informs, stretching out his body and lifting his legs to wrap around Kyungsoo’s torso.

Kyungsoo doesn’t need to be told twice as he takes his fingers out, taking a second to watch Jongin’s hole clench on nothing. He lubes up his cock, throwing his head back with a sigh as he finally touches himself.

He spreads Jongin’s legs, hands gripping onto his thighs to keep them there as he positions his cock head against the younger’s entrance. He rubs the tip around Jongin’s puckered hole, too lost in his own pleasure to notice the other whining. “Fuck,” Kyungsoo curses. He tries to push it in without his hands, but it only makes his cock slide up, spreading the lube and making Jongin’s ass glisten.

“Kyungsoo!” Jongin cries, becoming frustrated from how badly he just wants the other to fuck him open. “Please.”

Finally, Kyungsoo steadies Jongin’s weight with one hand, using his other one to hold onto his dick and push it inside. He groans as the head slides through, feeling Jongin’s ass contract around it. He sheathes his whole length inside, a satisfied groan leaving his throat as he begins to rock into Jongin’s ass.

Jongin’s head is thrown to the side, panting into the pillow with his arms desperately gripping onto it. Kyungsoo makes him feel so full and he can’t believe he almost missed out on this. “Faster,” he whispers.

Kyungsoo happily speeds up. He pulls out, then thrusts back in quickly, jolting Jongin’s whole body and causing him to gasp.

“O-Oh Kyungsoo,” Jongin sobs, curving his back and scrunching his eyes closed from the wave of pleasure.

Both of them begin to breathe heavily as Kyungsoo hammers faster and faster, nearly bending Jongin in half with how the older grips onto his thighs and pushes them apart. “So fucking tight,” Kyungsoo moans. “Your ass is just eating up my cock, huh?” he rasps, watching as his member disappears in and out of Jongin’s hole, the length wet with lube.

Jongin is like a cat with how he stretches his arms above himself, arching his back and writhing in bliss. “Yes, yes,” he agrees blindly. “S-So good,” he cries, unable to even comprehend Kyungsoo pulling out and flipping him over.

He’s on his knees, chest flat against the bed with his face buried in the pillow. His hips are pulled up by the older, far too lost in lust to even move himself. He’s quickly screaming into the pillow when Kyungsoo rams back inside, continuing from where he left off with the pace he’s going at. “Holy shit! Th-There, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Jongin begs, drool wetting the fabric underneath his head but he doesn’t even care.

Kyungsoo’s cock hits his prostate so good, makes him sees stars with every thrust. Euphoria completely takes over Jongin’s mind and he would normally be embarrassed to be screaming so much during sex, but with Kyungsoo it’s impossible not to. He’s begging nonsense, knuckles white from the grip he has on the bed sheets.

“Moaning so pretty for me,” Kyungsoo grunts, hands on Jongin’s globes as he digs his nails into the flesh. “Does my good boy want to come?”

Tears accumulate in Jongin’s eyes, throat dry from how he can’t stop the moans leaving his mouth. “Y-Yes, ah, ah, hah,” he croons. “Oh, please!”

Kyungsoo wraps one arm around Jongin, grabbing onto his hanging and heavy dick. Jongin lets out a long moan from the touch.

Kyungsoo’s hand is quick, applying just the right amount of pressure as he continues to thrust into Jongin’s ass, chasing his own orgasm.

“I’m c-close,” Jongin whimpers. “Don’t stop, oh god please don’t.”

It’s the best orgasm Jongin has ever had, the strength of it causes him to silently scream into the pillow, hips jerking back out of sensitivity as he spills onto the bedsheets. He’s gasping for air when he comes back up, tear tracks down his cheeks and he sobs as Kyungsoo keeps going at it behind him.

The older pulls out, replacing the warmth of Jongin’s ass with his hand and jerking himself off. The sound of Kyungsoo’s lube-slicked hand going over his cock is all Jongin can hear as he tries to recover. Soon enough, he feels cum land on his behind, with Kyungsoo’s groans accompanying it.

“Fuck,” is all Kyungsoo says before collapsing onto the bed next to Jongin.

They’re facing each other, blissed out smiles on their faces and Jongin giggles.

“You’re amazing,” Jongin shyly compliments, cheeks red.

“You’re amazing,” Kyungsoo counters with a grin of his own.

Jongin laughs.

“So,” Kyungsoo starts and Jongin senses hesitation in his voice. “Did that make you want to stay the night?”

“Are you kidding? Can I stay for the rest of my life?” Jongin jokes.

“I would love that.”

Jongin bites his lip from the seriousness in the other’s voice. “S-So I can come over...whenever I want?” he asks, quickly getting shy. He feels blunt and pushy, but he’s someone who likes to get things straight.

“Yes,” Kyungsoo answers. “Stay as long as you want, I don’t mind. I’ll take care of you.”

What on earth did Jongin do to meet this man? “Are you sure? I’m really whiny sometimes, and I love hugs and kisses and I might never leave you alone.”

Kyungsoo chuckles, reaching a hand out to stroke Jongin’s sweaty bangs back. “You’re perfect just like that then.”

Jongin feels like his smile might break his face from how wide it is. He scooches closer to Kyungsoo, nuzzling into the other’s neck to try and hide how happy he is. Kyungsoo’s muscled arms are so nice and warm as they wrap around his shoulders, paired with a kiss on the top of Jongin’s head.

It seems Jongin doesn’t have to take refuge in libraries and coffee shops anymore, finding a hell of a man to spend his days with instead.

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