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We've been saying it again and again, but we want to give a HUGE thank you to all of the KFR followers. This entire project is and will always be dedicated to you guys. Hopefully, we'll all continue to love Jongin and Kyungsoo for a long time~

A few quick honorable mentions: Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] convexxed and nudaetelhu for writing their fics on such short notice (and consequently saving Admin Y from a meltdown)! Also, thank you to [livejournal.com profile] kaisooaufest for being a constant source of advice, support, and love. And lastly, thank you to all of the authors who we asked to join but declined/dropped out later. Even though you didn't participate in this project, we still really appreciate everything you've done for our fandom! ♡

Feel free to leave your thoughts (your "i had no idea that person wrote that fic????"s and your "I KNEW IT"s) in the comment section! The authors' twitters and personal writing journals/profiles have also been linked for friending purposes~

And finally... the moment we've all been waiting for....



[Puppy Love] by [[livejournal.com profile] purplemonsterrr || purpleskies] | ~7,500 | G | Fluff, Cafe!AU
a not so ordinary, ordinary coffee shop au

[Icing on the Cake] by [kim-jignog] | ~4,500 | NC-17 | Smut, HighSchool!AU, Cheer/Football!AU
Kim Jongin has a seriously top-of-the-line booty and everybody knows it.

[Tranquil as a Forest (But on Fire Within)] by [[livejournal.com profile] jumpthisship] | ~38,000 | PG-13 | Romance, Fluff, Travelling!AU
Kyungsoo, despite being fond of his apartment and lacking in most forms of social skills, is fairly excited to go on a three-week trip to China as a travel blogger in Baekhyun’s place. Or at least, he is until he learns he’s going with Kim Jongin, with whom he shares a...rocky history.


[Reign O'er Me] by [hobash] | ~3,000 | R | Slice of Life
Kyungsoo is stifled, timid, and, as a matter of convenience, willfully out of touch with who he is and what he wants. When a handsome stranger appears one stormy summer night, the cloud that's been hanging above Kyungsoo’s life threatens to finally break loose.

[All Hallows' Meet] by [bookishvice] | ~2,200 words | PG-13 | Paranormal!AU, Soulmates!AU
Their love is strong enough to sustain them for eternity.

[Of Rose Petals and Rosy Lips] by [thatweirdo] | ~6,000 words | PG-13 | Fantasy, Fluff
Jongin has a green thumb.


[Cloudy With A Chance of Kim Jongin] by [[livejournal.com profile] teatox || timefortea] | ~8,000 words | NC-17 | Reporter!AU, Smut, Humor, Fluff
Kim Jongin is the nation’s favourite news anchor and most relentless flirt, but when he sets his sights on meteorologist Do Kyungsoo who ends up getting a little more than he forecasted.

[i see the sun on your back] by [nignojmik] | ~5,000 words | R | ParallelUniverses!AU, Slice of Life
In another universe, the planets orbit a different star, the world sleeps under a different moon, and I am in love with you.

[The Third Path] by [[livejournal.com profile] hojichadust] | ~23,700 words | R | Medieval!AU, Slight Fantasy!AU
Kyungsoo is a traveling swordsman. Jongin is in need of one. But working together proves less simple than Kyungsoo initially thought it would be.


[Wildflower] by [Sleepydanceur] | ~8,000 words | PG-13 | Fluff, Romance
Tattoo artist!Kyungsoo/Florist!Jongin - Kyungsoo has seen endless distasteful looks from people passing by when he comes into Jongin’s shop but never from Jongin himself, who only ever smiles at him warmly.

[El Dorado] by [[livejournal.com profile] annafeu] | ~13,600 words | NC-17 | Smut, Drama, Suspense
Kyungsoo, CEO-to-be, hopes to find paradise in the utter destruction of the son of his father’s rival in the business world.

[Shot at you (and your heart)] by [Jas1922] | ~17,500 words | PG-13 | Military!AU, Doctor!AU, Romance, Slight!Angst
They first meet when Jongin is a second away from dying. Kyungsoo just doesn’t know that in time to come, the man he is about to save could very well be the one to cost him his life instead.


[Steady Now] by [Zerrin] | ~69,000 words | NC-17 | Romance, Fluff, Angst, Slice of Life
Kyungsoo would do anything to help the children at the orphanage. If that means he has to befriend Kim Jongin, so be it.

[Timshel] by [[livejournal.com profile] vitasnellaa] | ~2,000 words | PG-13 | Psychological, Angst
Jongin was stuck looking out of the window, with almost a hundred dogs staring back.


[The Language of Flowers] by [[livejournal.com profile] lotusk] | ~4,800 words | PG-13 | Fluff, Romance
Jongin owns a flower shop and one evening, a man storms in, slams some money on the table and says, ““How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?”

[Your New Addiction] by [[livejournal.com profile] thesockmonster || thetwistedstar] | ~5,500 words | NC-17 | PWP, Supernatural!AU
Kyungsoo is a werewolf with too much energy to sleep. Jongin just might be the perfect solution.

[If My Yesterday is a Disgrace] by [[livejournal.com profile] w_anderingheart] | ~27,800 words | PG-13 | Drama, Slight!Angst
He tries to find a future in the past, and learns the hard way that all roads only go forward. This isn’t time travel. Or maybe it is. In any case, here is a year and back with Do Kyungsoo.


[(Un)Notice Me] by [infinite_x] | ~31,500 words | NC-17 | Highschool!AU, Romance, Fluff, Smut
Kyungsoo has spent his entire life trying not to be noticed. Jongin notices him anyway.

[Loud as Lions] by [[livejournal.com profile] rainbowtoxicity] | ~28,000 words | NC-17 | Slice of Life, Historical, StreetFighter!AU
Good men are still human.


[White Hole Syndrome] by [[livejournal.com profile] convexxed] | ~8,000 words | PG-13 | Romance, Fluff, Fantasy, Slight Angst
Jongin has a weak heart and Kyungsoo claims to have come from outer space. Whether or not Kyungsoo was telling the truth about his origins, Jongin had no doubt that he was indeed out of this world.

[Sweet Like Sugar] by [sootea] | ~9,000 words | NC-17 | Smut, Sugardaddy!AU
Jongin delivers Chinese food to a nice neighbourhood and gets the tip of his life.

[Cosmic Love] by [[livejournal.com profile] actualbaekhyun || memefucker69] | ~17,500 words | R | Romance, Fluff, Tribal!AU
When Kyungsoo goes to the exoplanet, Ex'act, to research the wildlife, he doesn't expect to have his heart stolen by a special native named Kai.


[Lovely Specks] by [[livejournal.com profile] ulhans] | ~5,000 words | PG | Romance, Fluff
Everyone loves Do Kyungsoo and his freckles. Jongin tells himself that he doesn’t mind but that’s definitely debatable.

[Bridges Fall Too] by [nudaetelhu] | ~6,000 words | NC-17 | Angst, Romance
When Kyungsoo goes back home to take a break from writing, he didn't expect meeting his ex-boyfriend who used to cheat on him.

[Dearly Departed] by [tedcruz] | ~15,500 words | R | Dystopian!AU (TWD!AU)
In the middle of the apocalypse, the end of the world doesn’t begin till Kyungsoo is reunited with Jongin.

[always online (meet me halfway)] by [[livejournal.com profile] hokaidos] | ~22,000 words | R | Fluff, Slow Burn
The storm outside could rage on, the hurricane could destroy everything in its path, but he would stay safe and sound as long as the icon beside Jongin’s name was green. [Admin's Note: Taken down per author's request!]

DAY 10

[ the ol' razzle dazzle] by [[livejournal.com profile] thisismylastlie] | ~5,800 words | PG | Romance, Fluff, Humor
Jongin wasn’t looking for love– he was looking for a Charizard.

[Now You See] by [sengen35] | ~5,100 words | R | Romance, Fluff
Kyungsoo smiles thinly at the male who opens the door for him, counting to five before he lets his eyes roam towards the far end of the bookstore.

[Love Game] by [Lalaluhanne] | ~42,000 words | PG-13 | Romance, Canon!AU (ish)
Until a little while ago, Kyungsoo would never have put the words ‘musical’ and 'tennis’ next to each other. Now, his whole life is nothing but synchronised racket waving and neon sportswear. He loves his new doubles partner and teammates, but through his journey into musical middle school, Captain Akazawa isn’t the only Tall, Dark and Handsome on Kyungsoo’s mind.


TOTAL WORD COUNT: ~441,500 words


Admin Y || nignojmik || twitter: @nignojytterp
"i would be lying if i said this project was easy, but the fics and all the support we got made it worth it! thanks to my fellow admins for being the lovely people they are (especially k and i, without whom i would have died), thanks to emi and amy for being the best, and thanks to everyone who gave my dumb fic love. also, thanks to the authors for always writing beautiful fics for the fandom and to our followers/readers for everything they've done for us! hope all of you guys enjoyed the 10kfr project c:"

Admin K || sootea || twitter: @soopuff
"Yay I'm so glad this project has ended with good vibes :) !! It was such an honour to write alongside so many authors I adore and look up to! And most importantly to write for the legendary kaisooficrec -angels singing in the bg- Every fic was amazing and deserves all the love. Oh, and thank you to the readers!! Especially to the ones who gave my fic a chance ♡ my lil ho heart appreciates u all very much ohoho this lil soot will have a sit. Lastly, a big special hug to admin y for making this project a success ♡"

Admin I || tedcruz || [livejournal.com profile] shrekaisoo || twitter: @puffledawg
“I’ve followed KFR for ages, and to go from being a reader/follower to an admin is still so surreal to me. I want to thank all the other admins (esp Lulu for being everyone’s pillar of support) for being so so great, and for being some of my best friends now, and people I can count on any time ♡ I’m so happy to have taken part in this, it’s reminded me just how much I love and miss writing! Thank you to my betas, Luca and Nina, without whom I would have lost my mind ( ⁰д⁰) Also, to have written alongside so many amazing authors... it's given me... authoritis... ;) And to you, the reader, for showing KFR endless love and support! Hope you enjoyed!

Admin Q || [livejournal.com profile] ulhans || twitter: @byunbaguette
"Thank you everyone for being so co-operative and absolutely lovely during the project. I had so much fun making new friends and discovering the process of fic writing with such amazing authors. A very special thank you to Admin Y for being such a dedicated and hard working person, I love you so much lulu <3 This project has been such a spectacular journey with everyone and I'm so thankful to be part of a community so full of love"

Admin L || [livejournal.com profile] vitasnellaa || twitter: @vitasnellaa
"hey, I firstly wanna say thank you to the admins for letting me join in and write for the fest- and also for being really amazing friends to me. Idk where I'd be without you guys. Secondly thank you to the authors for participating, and also to the readers. We wouldn't be here without you guys!"

Admin J || twitter: @nakedkyungsoo
"If someone told me back when I entered the fandom I’d be hosting a fic project dedicated to my OTP one day, I’d probably not understand a single word (“the fuk is an oh tee pee”). Long story short, here I am. To the authors for sharing a piece of your heart and soul with us, to the readers for supporting the fics and having fun, to my admin squad for working hard relentlessly even going an extra mile many times while still being fresh and fly. thank you guys for making 10KFRP an unforgettable and precious experience for me. ILY"

Admin H
"I joined KFR as an admin in February and I can't believe it's already September! I've been a huge fan of it and being a part of it now, it's still like a dream to me. I would like to thank the lovely admins, Lulu, Parez, Chrissy, Jia, Luca, Naomi and Tina for handling two hectic weeks of coding and posting the fics!! I also want to thank you to the authors I was in charge of, @timefortea, @zerrin and @infinite_x for participating and giving me an opportunity to learn from all of you <3 Everyone, please live happily!"

Admin S
"Wow! It's finally come to an end. I hope everyone enjoyed all the stories as much as I did! The kaisoo ficdom is truly blessed with amazing writers. :-) Thank you to all the authors who decided to join this and produced such exceptional fics! I love all my KFR admins, thank you for being so amazing guys. Jiji, Lu, Luca, Chrissy, Ninz, Prez and Tinz. I would have died without y'all. <3 And of course, thank you to all our lovely followers! For being such great supports to KFR. Let's continue to love kaisoo to the ends of the earth. :-) 'till my next rec, adios amigos."


[livejournal.com profile] annafeu || twitter: @annafeu
"thank you to all the lovely mods for hosting this wonderful project and inviting me to join! and thanks to everyone who's ever read my fics or just read this one-- it's much appreciated and your encouragement means the world to me :)"

bookishvice || twitter: @bookishvice
"Getting invited to be part of KFR’s event is one of the top most awesome things to have happened to me in fandom. I’m so thankful to the mods who organized this and allowed me to be part of this project along with all the legendary kaisoo writer senpais (*fangirl scream*), and so very happy to have shared this bittersweet kaisoo fic with everyone! I’m still shocked at the amazing response and all the wonderful comments. ILY ALL TT___TT ❤"

[livejournal.com profile] convexxed || twitter: @convexxed
"For someone who has trouble voicing out her thoughts, like me, writing is a haven. This particular fic was like a lifeline I clung to and therefore is very special to me, and so are all your lovely words that I already hold close to my heart. To the admins, thank you for your hard work on planning this wonderful event. To my beta, thank you for keeping me inspired and cheering on me. To the readers, thank you for all your kindness and for continuously giving me reasons to write. All the love to you <3"

"Thanks to all who read my fic and left me a comment! I've enjoyed this writing project immensely and have loved reading all your thoughts, even if I couldn't respond. Thank you all again!"

[livejournal.com profile] hojichadust || twitter: @hojichadust
"I owe a lot of people a lot of love. A very special thank-you to the admins of KFR, who have given endlessly to the fans and still continue to give, who have showered me with endless affection and encouragement—Lulu, Chrissy, Jia, and Parez, with a special shout-out to my friendship with Tia, without the existence of whom I would literally not be here right now LOL. An immense and warm thank-you as well to all of the authors I’ve befriended along the way, and who cheer me up when I’m feeling down: Kris, Jules, Thais, Kay, Kat, Kaitlyn, you guys are the real MVPs. All my love, Emily💕"

[livejournal.com profile] hokaidos || twitter: @ohkaidos
"Thank you again for asking me to participate in this fest and my dear beta Chrissy who made the editing a fun experience!! ^____^ I've been tracking what people have been saying about it and I'm sorry if anyone is upset, but I still don't think it's angst and I already mentioned in the note that it's not complete, you guys can expect a continuation :( so! I hope nobody is genuinely upset and I will write part 2, just give me like 6 months? ahahaha. so far (I'm writing this note on Monday) nobody has managed to guess that I wrote Always Online and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing BUT thank you so much to everybody who read it!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I'm @ohkaidos on Twitter if anyone is down to talk a lot about kaisoo. see you guys!! ^____^"

"Thank you so much to everyone who read my story and left such amazing comments! Also I'd like to thank the admins of kaisooficrec for having this ficfest, esp. Nina, Admin H, for editing my story because with out her it definitely wouldn't have turned out the way it did. And to my readers on AFF who still read my stories through the many (many) typos, thank you for always encouraging me through everything I write. P.S. I should probs also thank Kaisoo for existing and having the most wonderful beautiful adorable friendship that inspires me to write everyday :)"

Jas1922 || twitter: @niniflowerdyo
"Congratulations to KFR for this wonderful milestone! It is such an honor to be invited to be part of this project. I know I am still lacking, and can only hope to reach the heights of some of the legendary writers here. But I am grateful for the exposure this platform has given me, and I will continue to strive to better my writing as long as the Kaisoo fire lives on in me. So thank you lovely admins <3 And to the readers who have given my story a chance, I hope you at least enjoyed it a little. Keep on loving Kaisoo, keep on supporting KFR! Through this, I have gained strength to keep on writing (and I will). So I end off by saying a humble THANK YOU."

[livejournal.com profile] jumpthisship
"Huge huge thanks to the KFR admins, who answered all my questions promptly, who work so hard, and who made this project a resounding success. And more thanks to everyone who read, commented on, recced, and gushed about all the fics in this project <33 You guys are amazing. AND of course, thanks to everyone who participated by writing! What a wild ride you guys. MUCH LOVE."

kim-jignog || twitter: @katcnav
"I am absolutely floored by the response “Icing on the Cake” has gotten. I never expected your feedback to be so overwhelmingly positive and cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read and to leave comments. You’ve made me so happy over the past few weeks, and I’m so humbled by all of your kind words. Please continue to give a lot of love to the KFR admins (because honestly, what would we do without them?)! <3"

LalaLuhanne || twitter: @lalaluhanne
“First of all I want to say congratulations and also thank you SO much to all the mods of KFR for letting me participate in this event. It's such an honour, really ♥ Also I MUST say a huuuge thank you to the lovely jumpthisship. Turns out we were both participating in this fest without the other knowing! She read through my fic as I went along and helped me when I was down and screaming about how much I hated it. It would NEVER have been finished without her. I love you. ♥♥♥ So. This fic. Probably everybody knew this one was mine immediately because I never shut up about Prince of Tennis. From the day it was made public that Kyungsoo cried over Prince of Tennis, I knew somebody had to write a fic about this, and eventually I realised that it was going to have to be me! It was a long month of screeching and wailing and putting my little tennis hands all over poor Kyungsoo but I guess it worked out in the end?? This fic is a love letter to the tennis musicals that have been such a huge part of my life.”

[livejournal.com profile] lotusk || twitter: @lotuslatte
"Kudos to the KFR mods for getting this project off the ground! You’ve done such an incredible job of getting 29 writers on board and sharing their stories with readers out there. The fics have been nothing short of wonderful--I just wish I had the time and opportunity to read them all. I have, however, loved the ones I’ve managed to read. I hope to read more! I’m so grateful to have been a part of #10KFR. My love and thanks go out to all the mods, writers, and readers who have poured their hearts into this labor of love. Adele <3"

[livejournal.com profile] actualbaekhyun || memefucker69 || twitter: @jongintxt
“ok how did i miss the memo that we were all writing top!soo fics lol jk but seriously thank you to all of the admins for letting me be a part of this and stand beside some amazing authors! also thank u to parezaddy for encouraging me on to finish my fic and making me fanart and supporting me as my daddy. thank you sam and eleri for helping me come up w jongin's character design (and steering me away from the mullet idea). and to those fanartists, thank you for the fanart! it made me super super happy ❤️ hope to be a part of the next round! nien nian acai!”

nudaetelhu || twitter: @nuhatwoinone
"Hello, nudaetelhu here. In this list of senpai writers, you have the noob ((moi)). Thank you all for reading the fics in the project, and also being really nice about it! To those who commented, I'm glad because it is appreciated okay? To the kfr admins, you guys have been amazing knights for this deprived damsel when she was new to the kaisoo fandom, so thank you guys too!! And thank you for inviting me??? I'm still shocked, but thankful nonetheless. all the fics are amazing so read them all okay! chen needs my lovin now, ciao~"

[livejournal.com profile] purplemonsterrr || purpleskies || twitter: @DYOngin
"This has been an amazing project by KFR and I'm so grateful for this. Not only was I able to write KaiSoo again, something I haven't done in a long time and didn't realize I missed so much until I wrote them again, but this whole project was just nostalgic to see old fave KaiSoo writers coming together again to write for this ship. Congrats on KFR for a successful project and thank you authors for treating us with such KaiSoo goodness!!!"

thatweirdo || twitter: @celerydragon
"hello! im sure that anyone who knows the kind of thing i normally write figured out which one was mine easily hehe. i just want to spread the love of faeries and magic (~^_^)~✨ thanks for all the lovely comments! and my thanks to the admins for asking me to participate! I was really surprised when I received the message, bc i didnt think i was popular but im so glad i said yes <3 thank you all so much!"

[livejournal.com profile] rainbowtoxicity || twitter: @softestsunrise
"Loud as Lions is dedicated to the new friends I’ve made through 10KFR – the admins, I love you all so dearly; the other writers, I respect and adore you; the readers, I thank you – and the old friends who keep me strong. It is dedicated to Grace, and to Chelsea, for everything you’ve done. It is also, in a funny kind of way, dedicated to myself. The difference between the girl who started this fic – having a difficult time, not sure if she could even write anymore – and the girl who finished it, strong and victorious, is kind of incredible."

sengen35 || twitter: @pororotease
"First and foremost, thank you so much to the mods for not giving up on me when I literally had to go through all kinds of shit and painful things. Really, thank you so much. Thank you for putting this fest up and making us look forward to something beautiful each day. Thank you to all the readers who kept on expressing their love for the fics everywhere and I mean everywhere. Wow. You all are awesome. If not for you guys, we won't be here to be honest. To everyone who read what I wrote, I promise to upload the continuation of the fic soon! Thank you for loving kadi and I look forward to more in the future!"

Sleepydanceur || twitter: @skaibrace
"Hi everyone! This has been a really great ride with you all, I was really happy and honoured to be invited to take part in this project so thank you so much for the opportunity! And a huge thank you for the mods who ran the whole thing perfectly and to all the other writers for working so hard to deliver great pieces of work! ;u; Also, I’m super thankful to everyone who liked my fic and left lovely words, it really means a lot to me. It’s always great to see so many people coming together through kaisoo! ^^"

[livejournal.com profile] thesockmonster || thetwistedstar || twitter: @minseokminion
"I'd like to thank the mods who drew everyone in together for this wonderful project, and to thank everyone who took time from their day to read. You're why Kaisoo will sail through the ages!"

[livejournal.com profile] thisismylastlie
“Thank you to KFR for hosting this amazing fic fest all on their own and recruiting so many great authors (even I was hella excited to recognize the names here and see that these writers are still around blessing the fandom, after being away for so long). Much love to Lulu for being a sweetheart this entire time— I really couldn’t have done this without her! And thank you to all you readers, especially those who reached out to me because y’all really made my day. I feel very lucky to have experienced this, and I hope everyone enjoyed all the hard work put into this!”

[livejournal.com profile] teatox || timefortea || twitter: @teatoxic
"Firstly a big thank you and congrats to the wonderful mods of kaisooficrec for not only asking me to be part of this amazing project but also for all the hard work they put into the blog! And of course, thank you to YOU, the reader! Regardless of whether you’ve read anything by me before or if you’re an established noodle skwad member, I hope you enjoyed the porn fic, I hope it brought a smile to your face and I hope you’ll continue to love Kaisoo and read fics forevermore! Lots of love, Tea >3333 (there'll be a much longer thank you on repost!)"

[livejournal.com profile] w_anderingheart || twitter: @xehuntea
"CONGRATS KFR ON A SUCCESSFUL FIC PROJECT! ♡ I couldn’t be happier to have written for the lovely kaisoo community & couldn’t have asked for more amazing people to have worked alongside. I can’t thank the admins enough for their hard work and for letting a tiny lil writer like me be a part of this ;~; And to everyone who read/supported/showed love to the fics, thank you so~ much!! ♡ Having such an awesome reader audience makes writing worth it, and I genuinely wish I could have written something more for you guys. It’s been such a great experience! I’m so happy & so thankful. ♡♡♡"

Zerrin || twitter: @etezian
"Alright, here we go: Thank you Ginnie - for proofreading this beast! Buttercup - just thank you ♡ Nina (admin H) - for being so supportive and for helping me finish this story, you’re the cutest! Admin l - thank you for the support ♡ The entire KFR team for all your work and for letting me participate in this along all those amazing authors, which was quite terrifying.. And of course; All the readers - for giving my story such an overwhelming amount of love! Writing this story wasn't easy but I think I'm proud of it ^^ That's it from me, take care ♡"

Thank you again for making KFR's first project very memorable!

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