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In the morning, Kai offers to show him how to hunt, and having witnessed Kai kill that panther to save him, Kyungsoo is curious and takes him up on the offer. They leave the hut and the clearing when the morning dew is still settling and only a few tribe members are awake. Seeing the amount of alcohol that was passed around last night, Kyungsoo isn’t surprised people are still sleeping. Kai didn’t like drinking, he learned, but the other natives sure did.

Grabbing his bow and leather pouch of arrows, Kai leads Kyungsoo into the forest. His steps are light, calculated, and Kyungsoo tries to follow as quietly as possible. “What are we looking for?” He says in a whisper once they’re a ways away from the tribe’s land.

Kai suddenly stops, cocking his head as he listens and thrusts a hand back to stop Kyungsoo from moving. He lifts a finger to his lips for Kyungsoo to be quiet as they approach a tree. When Kyungsoo cranes his neck to peer around the tree, he spots a small mammal that resembles a squirrel but with blonde fur and tiny horns. He isn’t familiar with the name, being a plant specialist and all.

Silently, he watches as Kai takes an arrow from the leather pouch on his back and positions his bow. Just from his form, Kyungsoo can tell he’s probably an ace at archery, though it’s not a sport to Kai. Narrowing his eyes, Kai takes his aim, and Kyungsoo holds his breath as the unsuspecting creature sniffs at the ground.

In under a second, Kai releases his hold and the arrow whistles through the air and hits its target perfectly, the rodent letting out a squeak before it’s lying dead on the forest floor. Kai lowers his bow with a grin and turns to look at Kyungsoo as if expecting praise.

“I’m...wow.” Kyungsoo is stunned. “That was amazing, Kai.”

Kai hums happily in response and practically skips over to his kill, taking out the arrow and picking up the carcass of the mammal. “We eat, and then I teach Soo,” he says, holding up the squirrel-like animal.

Kyungsoo doubts he’ll be any good with a bow and arrow, but once they’ve finished with their impromptu breakfast and the sun is high up and shining, Kai leads him back out to the forest. He seems excited to teach archery to Kyungsoo, but this time he takes him to a small clearing that Kyungsoo recognizes as being near the waterfall, and if he tunes out the other sounds of the forest, he can hear the flowing water from nearby.

A little bit to the left in the clearing sits a stump of where a tree used to be, and Kai approaches it, setting his bag of arrows and bow down next to it before walking over to a nearby fruit tree and plucking a few fruits off, like the ones they had eaten the morning before. A snack?

Instead of eating them, Kai dumps the fruits next to the stump and then picks one up and sets it on top of the old tree stump. Target practice, Kyungsoo realizes. He’d be lying if he said he isn’t relieved to not have to try and aim at living things, let alone kill them.

Grabbing his bow and one of the arrows, Kai darts back over to Kyungsoo with a grin, wisps of loose pink hair framing his face. “I teach now?” he proposes, offering the items in his hands.

“Um, sure, but I’ve never done this before…” Kyungsoo purses his lips as he takes the bow and arrow from Kai. Wrapped up in trying remember how the arrow is supposed to sit on the bow, he doesn’t notice Kai moving to stand behind him until he feels the bare skin of Kai’s chest against his naked back. Kyungsoo nearly drops the arrow in surprise. Kai is so warm, and Kyungsoo can feel his breath on his neck.

Kai’s hands slide up his arms, grasping his hands gently and helping him position the bow. Kyungsoo is so frazzled that he can hardly focus on what Kai is murmuring to him, quietly and intimately into his ear. Gulping, he lifts his arms like Kai tells him to, positioning his fingers correctly on the bow string and gripping the arrow tightly between them.

“Look, iku, aim, buru.” Kyungsoo’s face heats up as he feels Kai’s lips brush against his ear. He helps Kyungsoo line up the shot, arms aligned with Kyungsoo’s pale ones. Kyungsoo is surprised his limbs aren’t trembling at this point. Kai’s proximity is doing things to his heart that it shouldn’t.

Letting out a stuttered breath, Kyungsoo releases the arrow when he feels like it’s lined up, and it soars through the air before shooting right through the center of the fruit perfectly, knocking it off the stump. Kai is smiling next to him, a hand moving to caress the back of Kyungsoo’s hair affectionately. “Good, Soo.”

Kyungsoo turns to look at Kai, still pressed against each other, and he’s startled by their close proximity, breath caught in his throat as he looks into Kai’s deep brown eyes, mere centimeters away. Any closer and their noses would brush, and then their lips…

Kai’s hand slides from the nape of his neck to his cheek, a gentle touch that makes Kyungsoo’s eyes flutter shut.

“Nier arluna,” Kai breathes, and Kyungsoo doesn’t have a chance to open his eyes before he feels the soft pressure of Kai’s lips against his own. It’s electric, the feeling, and goosebumps appear on his arms. Kai is so gentle and caring, even the way he kisses Kyungsoo is careful but sure, like he’s been waiting for this chance.

It’s a short kiss, but a meaningful one, and Kai pulls away with a sigh. Kyungsoo opens his eyes to see him smiling, and like a schoolgirl he blushes and averts his eyes. It’s Kai’s fault, really. He doesn’t have to be so smiley and handsome-y.

Kai must take it for rejection because his face falls. “Soo…?” He says with a sad puppy look in his eyes.

“Shush,” Kyungsoo mumbles. “I liked it, okay.” He looks up shyly and tucks a loose strand of hair behind Kai’s ear. He doesn’t really know what this is, considering he’s only known Kai for three days now, but he liked the kiss, and he can’t deny that he’s attracted to Kai to some degree. From the looks of it, that feeling is mutual, and Kai’s grin is blindingly sweet when he pulls Kyungsoo closer for another kiss.

It’s quite late into the night when Kai drags Kyungsoo out from the hut and to the large willow tree in the middle of the tribe’s lands. It’s massive, speaking of it’s old age, and wildflowers and long grasses surround its trunk and roots. Kai promptly lies down in the long grasses and pats the spot beside him for Kyungsoo to do the same, and he obliges. They’d spent the day exploring the forest, much to Kyungsoo’s glee, and Kai had shown Kyungsoo all the interesting plants that he loved and spots that Kai favorited and self-proclaimed them as “Kai places.” They included a spot with beautiful flowers, a small water hole that various animals visited, and a tree with a large branch that was a nice napping spot. Kai had ultimately urged Kyungsoo up into said tree, and they wasted an hour there napping, Kai cuddling up super close and promising Kyungsoo that they wouldn’t fall. Kyungsoo wasn’t convinced.

When Kyungsoo lies down in the grass next to Kai, he can see why Kai wanted to show him this. It’s the perfect stargazing spot. Ex’act isn’t like the bustling cities on Earth that Kyungsoo is used to - every star in the sky is visible. It reminds him of a painting of a view that someone can only get in rare, rural places, and he can’t help but gasp in wonder at the beautiful scene. He turns his head and looks at Kai, who’s smiling, enjoying Kyungsoo’s reaction.

“It’s...amazing,” Kyungsoo says, astonished.

Kai reaches over to intertwine their fingers, his rough palm against Kyungsoo’s. “I...lay here when I no sleep.”

“When you can’t sleep?”

“Yes.” Kai rolls over onto his side, looking at Kyungsoo with muted wonder in his eyes. With the light from the stars shining down on them, Kyungsoo is utterly ethereal with his soft skin and dark hair. “Where Soo come from, what like?”

“It’s different from here. A lot of nature like this doesn’t exist anymore.” It’s almost comical how Kai’s eyes widen, like he can’t even comprehend the thought. “But on Earth, the land is divided up and separated by water because it’s bigger than this planet. The land is separated and owned by different kinds of people that speak different languages. Like how Yixing mentioned China? That’s one place. But I come from another place called South Korea.”

“S-South...Korea,” Kai mumbles. His pronunciation is wobbly, but it’s cute how he tries, and Kyungsoo squeezes his hand once in encouragement.

“Mhm, and that’s why my name isn’t an English name. It’s Korean, like how Yixing’s name is Chinese,” Kyungsoo explains. “I decided that I wanted to study plants, so I went to learn at a place called university, and then I came here. It’s my first time being away from Earth.”

Kai doesn’t reply to that, and Kyungsoo tears his eyes away from the night sky to see him silently contemplating something, brows furrowed and looking at the ground between them. Concerned, Kyungsoo moves closer, turning to lie on his side like Kai. “What is it, Kai?”

Kai looks up in a shy manner, obviously hesitant. “I...Lay has name from other place. I want name from Soo place - S-South...Korea…” Kyungsoo bets that if it wasn’t so dark, he’d be able to see Kai blushing.

“You want me to give you a Korean name?” He’s surprised but finds it endearing.
Kai nods quickly, eager and excited. “Please,” he says.

“Hmm…” Kyungsoo ponders for some time, unsure of how to go about naming Kai something else. He starts off thinking of names with K, but he doesn’t like them. If he’s going to give Kai a name, it has to be something that suits him well. “What about...Jongin?” He finally decides, watching for Kai’s reaction.

“Jong...in?” Kai blinks. “What mean?”

“It means you have kindness, that you’re nice,” Kyungsoo says, laying his hand over Kai’s chest where his heart is. “Do you like it? I can think of a new one if you don’t.”

“I like!” Kai’s face blooms into a smile. “Soo say Jongin now.”

“You want me to call you Jongin now?”

“Yes!” Kai rests his hand over Kyungsoo’s on his heart. “I Jongin now.”

“Okay, Jongin,” Kyungsoo smiles sweetly. “I’m glad you like it.”

Jongin practically squeals over it, genuinely ecstatic. He rolls over and pushes Kyungsoo onto his back in the grass, hovering over him. Kyungsoo encircles his arms around Jongin’s shoulders, anticipating the kiss that Jongin places on his lips. He sighs, a hand delving into the hair on the back of Jongin’s head, trying not to mess up his braid as his lips move eagerly against the other man’s. Jongin kisses in a slightly inexperienced manner, and Kyungsoo wonders if he’s his first. He holds back a giggle when Jongin jolts as Kyungsoo’s tongue delves into his mouth, letting out a soft, surprised sound in his throat.

“Nier arluna,” Jongin pants, pulling away after a moment with shortened breath, red cheeks, and swollen lips.

Kyungsoo strokes Jongin’s bottom lip with his thumb. “What does that mean? Nier arluna?”

“It mean Soo in sky.” Jongin does his best to explain, and he motions up to the night sky. “Up there.”

“The stars?”

Jongin shakes his head.

Kyungsoo furrows his brow. “The moon?”

Smiling, Jongin lies down, resting his head on Kyungsoo’s chest. “Nier...moon mine.”

A warmth blooms in Kyungsoo’s core. My moon. That’s probably the sweetest thing anyone’s ever called him, and it came from Jongin’s lips, a man he’s only known for days. But Jongin seems sure of himself, like he knew long before Kyungsoo began to notice that he held affection for him. And Jongin is so infectious that Kyungsoo knows he staked claim on his heart once they met. Kyungsoo’s never felt like this around anyone, especially this quickly.

Maybe he doesn’t mind.

“Yes, it seems it’s all healed now,” Yixing chirps as he peels Kyungsoo’s bandage from his leg. “I told you it should be better in just two weeks.”

“Thank you so much, Yixing,” Kyungsoo sighs, standing up from the cot. “I owe you.”

“Oh, please, you owe me nothing.” Yixing waves a hand in dismissal as he cleans up.

It’s been a two weeks since Kyungsoo was chased by that panther and saved by Jongin. He’s gotten used to doing everything with Jongin and breaking away from his mundane research life. They’re practically attached at the hip now. Jongin doesn’t leave Kyungsoo alone for a second.

Well, usually.

Kyungsoo wanders over to the opening of the hut, glancing out to see Jongin standing a ways away, surrounded by young women from the tribe. They’re all offering him things, food, clothes, flowers. Some are touching his shoulders, admiring his biceps, and smiling at him with melodic giggles and bashful glances. Jongin returns their smiles politely, trying to reject the gifts they shove into his arms. It’s been like this for the past two days, and Kyungsoo can’t say it doesn’t bother him. He knows there’s something going on that Jongin’s not telling him about. He notices the frown on Jongin’s face when he’s quiet and thinking or how he clings tighter to Kyungsoo at night.

“Is there something wrong, Kyungsoo?” Yixing asks, approaching him.

“Why are all of those girls flocking around Jong--I mean, Kai?” Kyungsoo gestures to the group around Jongin.

“You mean you don’t know?” Yixing looks at him with astonished eyes.

Definitely confused now, Kyungsoo turns around to face the healer. “Know what?”

Yixing only laughs a little and steps back, hands folded behind his back. “Well, I think that’s something for Kai to tell you himself.” Doing his best attempt at a wink, he turns around and walks back to his cleaning.

Kyungsoo grumbles, irritated because he hates not knowing what’s going on. Moving out of the way so that a man with a mad cough can pass into the hut, Kyungsoo steels himself to ask Jongin about it tonight. He’s tried before with no real answer, but he’s putting his foot down and getting to the bottom of things since no one else is bothering to supply him with answers.

A pink ilu’mi behind one ear, an anklet made of threaded yellow wuni - Jongin murmurs the names of all the flowers he decorates Kyungsoo’s body with. He smiles at the finished product lying in his hands, a beautiful crown made from various colors of blossoms from an a’kiri tree.

Kyungsoo shifts in his lap as Jongin places the flower crown on his head. He was wrong to assume that there was a limit of how many flowers once could have on their person, judging by the bouquet Jongin gave him earlier. Sitting in a quiet meadow with the stars above their heads, one of the “Kai places,” Kyungsoo feels relieved that they’re finally alone. It seemed like the women from the village just wouldn’t leave them alone - or more specifically, wouldn’t leave Jongin alone. They followed him until the sunset, and the two managed to escape into this meadow.

“Soo so pretty,” Jongin says as he presses a kiss to Kyungsoo’s neck, wrapping his arms around Kyungsoo’s bare torso. He’d convinced him that his clothes weren’t needed anymore - that he might as well stick to the loincloth look.

“Thanks,” Kyungsoo tilts his head to look at Jongin behind him. He smiles once and then drops his gaze back to his lap, laying his hands over Jongin’s that lace over his tummy. “Can I ask you something?”

“Hmm?” Jongin intertwines his fingers with Kyungsoo.

“Tell me, why are those girls coming after you? What are you hiding from me?” Kyungsoo turns around in Jongin’s lap to face him, their hands resting between them. Once he comprehends the question, Jongin’s happy expression falls, replaced by something pained and hesitant. As Kyungsoo thought, it’s a topic that’s sensitive.

Sighing, Jongin’s shoulders slump. He lifts a hand to cup Kyungsoo’s cheek before kissing him chastely, pulling away slowly and looking into Kyungsoo’s eyes. “Tomorrow,” he says, “tomorrow, at night, I have...ceremony. Every tribe man have ceremony for twenty year. It important day. A child become man. Kai hair will go. I choose wife.”

It sounds like something traditional and prestigious, something every boy would be excited about, but instead Jongin looks sad. And when he strokes Kyungsoo’s cheek with his thumb once, Kyungsoo realizes it’s because the ceremony means there’s no Kyungsoo in Jongin’s future, only a wife that he doesn’t desire.

Jongin leans forward and buries his face in the crook of Kyungsoo’s neck. He sounds broken when he speaks, and the human can feel moisture drop on his skin. “I no want. I love Soo. I want Soo, only Soo.”

Kyungsoo hugs him close, running his hand up and down Jongin’s back in comfort as he cries quietly against him. “But, Jongin, you can’t give up tradition for me.” They’ve only been together for a two weeks after all. There’s no promise of anything lasting, as much as it makes Kyungsoo’s heart ache when he imagines letting Jongin go so soon.

“No!” Jongin’s outburst makes Kyungsoo jump. He pulls away from the older man’s neck with wet eyes and tear-stained cheeks. “Soo and Kai in stars.”


“When I young, I visit Boa, spirit guide. She read stars at night, and she tell Kai that soon I meet love. Love sweet and soft. I meet love under stars. Love is nier arluna.” Jongin stares at Kyungsoo with sincerity. “Love is Soo.”

“You...You mean that?” Kyungsoo trembles, suddenly feeling choked up. It wasn’t just a feeling. Jongin really does look at Kyungsoo like he’s been waiting for him - because he has.

“I love Soo since I see you.” Jongin whispers, leaning forward to press his forehead against Kyungsoo’s. “Nier arluna, nian dire endare. Nien nian acai.”

“What does that mean?” Kyungsoo whispers, eyes closed as his lips brush against Jongin’s.

“I love Soo. I love you.” Jongin breathes before sealing his words with a kiss. His lips taste salty from the tears, and Kyungsoo presses close to him, wanting to feel Jongin’s warm skin against his own. Passionate and filled with young love they’ve both never felt before, the kiss becomes heated, fingers tangling into hair and tongues touching. Jongin moans, his hands tracing down Kyungsoo’s body, gentle touch making goosebumps appear on his skin. They come to rest on his hips, dragging him as close as possible until Kyungsoo is drowning in Jongin.

Kissing for what seems like hours, until Kyungsoo’s chest is heaving from lost breath, he’s startled as Jongin gently pushes him down, his back cushioned by the long grasses and wildflowers of the meadow. Jongin hovers over him, breathing in soft pants with parted and swollen lips, his face framed by the moonlight behind him. They stare at each other, wanting eyes begging for something that neither of them know how to say.

“I love you,” Kyungsoo says in a hoarse voice, eyes watering. He doesn’t care if it’s too soon. But if there’s a possibility that Jongin will no longer be his tomorrow, he has to say it now. A divine being wanted them to be together, and he won’t toy with fate.

“Soo, be mine.” Jongin brings one of Kyungsoo’s hand and rests it over his heart, letting Kyungsoo feel it’s strong, quick beat. “For night.”

Kyungsoo nods, tearful, and he closes his eyes when Jongin leans down to kiss him again, settling in-between Kyungsoo’s legs, their bodies aligned. With hardly anything blocking them, Jongin reaches behind himself to unlace his loincloth, doing the same to Kyungsoo. And when he presses their hips together, he whimpers into the kiss, feeling hot and needy. Kyungsoo’s blunt nails dig into his back as Jongin bucks his hips against him, grinding their forming erections together.

“Nien nian acai,” Jongin moans, hands pressed into the ground on either side of Kyungsoo’s head. Kyungsoo looks up at him with blown pupils, soft groans escaping his lips. “H-Hi sentin mainice.”

Oh, Jongin.” Kyungsoo’s thighs tremble as he spreads his legs, trying to feel more as Jongin ruts against him. It’s been so long since he’s been intimate with anyone that he can already feel himself giving away to orgasm. He clutches at Jongin’s shoulder blades desperately as Jongin muffles his erotic sounds with a searing kiss.

It stings when Jongin presses inside of him moments later, only saliva used as lube. But tears don’t spring to his eyes from the slight pain. It’s because of how Jongin whispers sweet nothings into his ears, how he holds Kyungsoo like he’s the only thing that matters. He feels the passion, the lust, the love so genuinely from the man above him that Kyungsoo doesn’t want to let go.

“N-Nien nian acai,” he chokes out as Jongin slides in and out of him. “I l-love you, Jongin.”

A tear drips onto his chest as Jongin orgasms, shuddering and crying as he clings tightly to Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo follows soon after and holds Jongin’s shoulders. Cuddled close like that, they don’t move for what seems like the longest time.

“I no...I no leave Soo,” Jongin promises, pulling away from Kyungsoo’s neck to look at him. “I stop ceremony. I no marry.”

“Jongin...y-you can’t stop tradition.” Kyungsoo is filled with doubt. “It’s best if I just…”

“No.” Jongin’s voice is stern and sure. “Satiene...mother no stop fate.”

As expected, the women are all over Jongin once the sun comes up. It’s worse than the day before. Kyungsoo can hardly try to talk to Jongin when there are girls around them, asking and saying things that Kyungsoo can’t understand. Jongin receives them all nicely and kindly, and Kyungsoo tries not to be heartbroken over it. He prepares himself to leave after the inevitable happens, knowing he won’t be welcome once Jongin is forced to go off with his new wife, even though Kyungsoo has no idea how to get back to his camp from here. He knows Jongin plans on resisting during the ceremony, but being the pessimist he is, Kyungsoo doubts anything will come of it, especially with him being a human and all.

It is Jongin’s birthday though, so Kyungsoo leaves by himself for once to fetch something that he knows Jongin will appreciate as a gift: flowers. He goes down to the stream, knowing that beautiful blue siti’mi flowers grow by the bank, with long, thick green stalks rather than stems and bell-like petals. Jongin had said once that they were some of his favorites, and Kyungsoo crouches down by the bank, his feet in the sand and mud as he pulls the flowers from the ground, gathering eight or so, enough to make a nice bouquet. The natural oils from the stalks stain his hands as he takes a seat in the bank, his feet dipping in the stream.

The flower crown from the night before still perched on his head, Kyungsoo sighs and hangs his head. It’s odd, sitting alone without Jongin next to him, but for once he gets to be alone with his thoughts. He wonders what his team is thinking. Do they think he’s dead like Chanyeol? He hopes not. God, Chanyeol… Kyungsoo hopes that they gave him a proper burial, and that he can be forgiven. It’s his fault that Chanyeol is dead. He should’ve ran to his aid as soon as possible. But also, Kyungsoo would’ve been dead too, if it weren’t for Jongin.

Holding the bouquet to his chest, Kyungsoo sucks in a quick breath. He’d give Jongin his everything if he could.

“Zar dire nian egik, sinmi h’arluna?”

The sharp but quiet voice has Kyungsoo snapping his head up, surprised to see a woman standing in the middle of the stream, directly in front of him. Many beaded necklaces serve to cover her chest and piercings line her hips and ears, but the most surprising thing is the length of her hair, surpassing her knees and spreading out around her calves in the water. She’s different than anyone else in the tribe, and Kyungsoo’s never seen her before.

She steps closer, asking again but in English, “What are you doing, gentle son of moon?”

“I…” Kyungsoo doesn’t know how to reply. He doesn’t know who this woman is, but she asks as if she knows him. Her dark eyes stare straight through him, like she can see everything. “I’m getting a gift...for Kai.”

The unknown woman smiles at him then with her painted lips. “Ah, nian dire tis arluna. He will like the gift.”

Kyungsoo isn’t sure why, but his thoughts spill from his lips instantly as if he were speaking to a close friend and not a stranger. “But he’s going to choose a wife, so what’s the point? Even if we want to stay together, we can’t.”

“No,” she replies quickly with a strong gaze. The woman struts over and grabs ahold of his wrist, her dark eyes looking into his own. “Fate cannot be swayed so easily. Do not give in, son of moon.” She smiles at him once again and releases his wrist, turning and walking back down the stream gracefully.

He watches her go, not knowing what to think about the woman, and then lowers his gaze to his wrist where a thin bracelet made of leather lies, a small wooden charm carved into a crescent moon shape dangling from it.

It’s sunset when the tribe gathers in front of the large willow tree, Kyungsoo among the crowd and standing next to Yixing. Girls and women clutch their offerings and gifts closely, and Kyungsoo’s grip tightens on his bouquet of flowers as he watches them, swallowing thickly with nerves.

Drums start to build up a beat, and Jongin appears soon enough, following his mother, brother, and other important members of the tribe. His hair is braided beautifully but lacking flowers, and patterns are drawn onto the canvas of his body in white paint. His expression is blank as they lead him in front of the tribe. One of the men in their concession roll out a woven blanket onto the ground, worn from age with a complicated pattern laced through. With a movement of the sansatiene’s hand, Jongin moves to kneel on the blanket in front of the tribe, bowing his head slightly.

The beating of the drums pick up as Jongin’s mother moves to stand next to her son and begins to speak, Yixing translating in Kyungsoo’s ear. “Kai, my son, blessed and born of nature, it is your time to become a true man. With his father being in the sky, Suho will perform the ceremony.”

Jongin’s brother steps up behind him, a long blade in his hand. Kyungsoo watches Jongin close his eyes tightly, and he wonders if parting with his beloved hair pains him. His heart feels heavy in his chest, knowing Jongin won’t be able to slide anymore flowers into his pink locks with ease.

Suho holds up Jongin’s long braid gingerly and with his other hand raises the blade high into the air to present it to the tribe and the drums grow stronger. And with one swoop of his arm, he cuts off the braid, the twisted hair and flyaways falling to the ground. Jongin’s fists clench and tighten on his thighs, and Kyungsoo’s heart aches for him. Suho is given a smaller blade, like that of classic shaving, and he cuts Jongin’s hair with skill and a steady hand. Paste is applied and the sides of Jongin’s head are shaved, giving him an undercut.

Jongin looks bare and lonely without the accompaniment of blossoms once they’re finished. His flower crown lies on the ground, abandoned.

“Now, with the holy red sap of the sanki’mi tree, we will bless his future.” Suho takes a pot, dipping his fingers into the thick sap. He paints Jongin’s face with it, three horizontal lines on each cheek with the translucent crimson sap. Once he’s done, he motions for Jongin to stand, and Jongin steps forward off of the blanket.

“And the gakti quilt, which symbolizes his chastity.” A man takes the old blanket from the ground, dusting it off before handing it to Suho, who drapes it over Jongin’s bare shoulders.

Kyungsoo blushes, thinking about how Jongin holds no chastity now, not after last night.

Jongin holds his head high as he stands before his people and the drums stop. The tribe all fall to their knees, Kyungsoo following example, praising their prince who has now become a man. Kyungsoo presses his forehead to the ground, wanting to be as respectful as possible. They all raise their heads after a moment but stay kneeling.

“To keep in touch with tradition, Kai will now choose a wife worthy of him. Please present your gifts to our sanseme.” Jongin’s mother bellows, and the girls slowly approach one-by-one, setting their offerings by Jongin’s feet and then kneeling before him, heads to the ground.

Kyungsoo bites his lip, looking down at the blue bouquet in his hands. When he glances back up, Jongin’s eyes are boring into his own. And he can see him begging, asking for Kyungsoo to do something. He doesn’t know how well he’d be received though.

But he stands up anyways, and all eyes snap to him as he walks forward like the girls, bouquet clutched tightly. The sansatiene looks both shocked and angered as Kyungsoo places the flowers at Jongin’s feet, smiling at him, and then bowing like the girls.

“What is this?” Jongin’s mother spits, and Kyungsoo lifts his head. “Human, go back to your place. You are not welcome--”

“No,” Jongin interrupts, turning to look at his mother with a fierce gaze. “I love Soo. I want...want Kyun’soo. No other.”

She looks appalled, and the air around them stills as the entire tribe wears the same look of surprise and astonishment. When the silence continues, Jongin steps forward and takes Kyungsoo by the hand, pulling him up and then tugging him close to his chest. “Kyun’soo wife.”

“Husband,” Kyungsoo corrects with a frown.

“Husband,” Jongin copies.

That seems to shock her out of it, and the sansatiene glares at them. “Never. I will never allow you to lie with a human, let alone this--”

“It is fate.” The familiar sharp, but quiet voice rings through the clearing, and Kyungsoo turns his head to see the woman from before approaching, her long hair dragging across the grasses.

“Boa,” Jongin gasps. Kyungsoo gawks at the name. He should’ve realized that this was the tribe spirit guide Jongin had spoken of before.

“When Kai was but a child, he came to me. I read the stars that night, and they told me that this man,” Boa gestures to Kyungsoo. “He is meant for our young sanseme. It is fate, and you cannot mess with fate, dear sansatiene.

Kyungsoo can tell the moment Jongin’s mother realizes it - realizes that Jongin is serious, and he always has been. Jongin’s arm tightens around Kyungsoo when she sighs and gives a somewhat genuine smile. “If this is fate, then I cannot interfere as you said. I am not pleased, but I cannot deny Kai his happiness.”

Jongin smiles the brightest toothy grin, and he hugs Kyungsoo closer. “Esker nian, satiene.”

“So we just do a little twisting here and...ta-da!”

Kyungsoo finishes fiddling with Jongin’s hair and steps back to admire his work. A simple barrette that he learned to make from a twisting type of vine by one of the old men in the tribe is pinned in Jongin’s short bangs, keeping the left side pinned back cutely. A flower is twisted into the barrette as well, and Jongin bends over to look into the river to see his reflection and he gasps.

“Kyun’soo…” He looks back at his boyfriend with wobbly lips and watery eyes, touched to the core.

“I know you were sad about not being able to have flowers in your hair now so…” Kyungsoo feels sheepish. “Do you like it?”

Jongin grins and drags Kyungsoo closer by the hips to make him sit on his lap. He pecks Kyungsoo’s lips lovingly. “I love Kyun’soo.”

“I was asking about the flower, not me,” Kyungsoo grumbles but blushes pink anyways, pleased that Jongin seems to like it. Sighing, he combs his fingers through Jongin’s hair, fluffy and windblown. He doesn’t miss Jongin’s long hair too badly. He looks just as handsome with the short hair, and he looks older too.

Jongin’s hair isn’t the only thing that’s changed. It’s been about a month since Kyungsoo was saved by Jongin, and ever since the ceremony, he’s been treated different among the tribe. Being the sanseme’s sansena (Yixing said it means spouse, but Kyungsoo is sure that he’s lying to him and that it actually means wife), a lot of tribe members come up to him, trying to initiate conversation, teach him something, or give him something. Kyungsoo’s taken to learning things from the old men and women, interested in their culture. The old men teach him how to carve wood and use elements from nature to his advantage; the women show him how to make yarn and knit. He’s actually good at those types of things, unlike hunting - which Jongin keeps trying to teach him.

“Kyun’soo like Jongin hair?” Jongin asks, holding Kyungsoo’s hands in his own once they fall from his rose locks.

“I already told you that I do. It’s very handsome.”

“Very handsome,” Jongin repeats, dimples in his cheeks as he smiles blissfully.

“You need to practice your English more with Yixing, mister.” Kyungsoo pokes at Jongin’s chest, making him frown. “You promised that you’d focus and learn this time. I’ve been trying to learn Ex’actian for you.”

“It hard,” Jongin mumbles. “I try, Kyun’soo.”

Kyungsoo sighs again but smiles and hooks his arms around Jongin’s neck. “It’s okay.”

Leaning forward, he brushes their noses together, making Jongin giggle, and presses a sweet kiss to his plump lips, tasting the nectar of the fruit that he’d eaten earlier. Jongin makes a soft sound in his throat and kisses him back, hands settling on Kyungsoo’s bare thighs. It’s languid and slow, neither in a rush and only wanting to feel. Jongin’s tongue flicks against his bottom lip, and Kyungsoo fights back a grin, finding it cute how much Jongin likes french kissing now.

Kyungsoo yelps in surprise when Jongin pushes him down lie in the grass but laughs in joy when the younger climbs over him, kissing him again with a pretty smile on his lips. Jongin makes him feel like a teenager again - even if Kyungsoo’s only twenty-three - with shy, experimental touches and how he has no concept of appropriate timing, always sticking his hands where they shouldn’t be in midday. And Kyungsoo knows that this is going to be one of those moments when Jongin slots his hips against Kyungsoo’s.

But they’re interrupted by a loud noise, and they both pull away to look up in the sky. The trees rustle from the wind as suddenly a helicopter, flying low, passes by, and Kyungsoo’s eyes widen. He knows who that is instantly.

“They’re...they’re still looking for me?” His voice cracks with disbelief, and he sits up once Jongin climbs off of him. It sounds silly, but Kyungsoo had completely forgotten about finding his research group and going back to them. He stands up, hearing the sound stop, and wonders if they landed nearby.

He immediately starts walking back towards the tribe.

“Kyun’soo friends?” Jongin asks, looking at Kyungsoo with a puzzled expression as he follows a few steps behind.

“Yeah, I...I think they’re here for me.” Kyungsoo smiles brightly as he realizes that he can hear Baekhyun and Jongdae’s loud voices echoing through the trees. He feels Jongin latch onto his hand as soon as he breaks from the forest and into the tribe lands. The sight that greets him is the small two person helicopter parked neatly between two huts, curious tribe members gathered around it and poking at the metal exterior. He spots Jongdae and Baekhyun immediately, the both of them talking animatedly with Jongin’s mother, Suho, and Yixing. Kyungsoo thinks it’s the first time he’s ever seen Jongin’s mother really smile. He can understand though. It’s hard to not like Jongdae and Baekhyun.

“Jongdae! Baekhyun!” Kyungsoo calls as he runs over happily, dragging Jongin along with him. He can’t explain the relief in his heart.

The two men turn to gawk at him, and Jongdae instantly moves to hug Kyungsoo close. “Oh my god, Kyungsoo, you’re really alive!”

“We thought you were dead.” Baekhyun adds, pulling him in for another hug once Jongdae releases him. “Shit, once we saw Chanyeol we thought the worst…”

“Why did it take you so long to find me?” Kyungsoo asks.

“We had to fix the old helicopter.” Baekhyun forks his thumb over to the small helicopter behind him. “It took a while, but we tried searching for you on foot too. We just couldn’t come this far safely. I’m sorry, Kyungsoo.”

“It’s okay,” Kyungsoo shrugs. “I was just lucky that Jongin saved me.” He pulls Jongin close and sends him a smile, which Jongin returns.

“Jongin?” Baekhyun looks confused for a second before catching on quickly. “Aww, you gave Kai a Korean name. That’s cute. Are you his sansena?” He jokes with a smirk that makes Kyungsoo remember why he always felt like strangling the life out of him.

“Actually, he is,” Yixing answers with a smile.

Jongdae chokes, and Baekhyun bursts into surprised laughter, making Kyungsoo blush. He was right. It definitely means that he’s Jongin’s wife. He just hopes it doesn’t mean something like “princess” too (it does). Grumbling, he clings closer to Jongin’s side, the younger man looking at the scene in confusion, not understanding what was so funny.

“We try to set Kyungsoo up on dates, and he always refuses! But he gets lost on Ex’act and gets himself a husband all on his own!” Jongdae cackles, and Kyungsoo wants to rip his stupid perm right from his scalp.

Jongdae and Baekhyun end up staying the whole day. Kyungsoo fills them in on how his month has been, what he’s learned and experienced. As imagined, most of his stories revolve around Jongin, who listens quietly beside him. Kyungsoo thinks that he just wants to hear it all from his lips rather than jump into the conversation. They end up talking each others’ ears off until night time, sitting around the fire pit as the tribe roasts off another boar. The tribe adores Baekhyun and Jongdae as they taught a lot of them English, and Baekhyun seems to know the names of everyone.

“We’ll probably head back around noon tomorrow,” Jongdae sighs as he lies back in the grass after stuffing himself full of pork. Baekhyun sits off to the side, talking to Yixing about something rather intimately. Kyungsoo can tell there’s something going on between those two that he doesn’t know about.

“So soon?” Kyungsoo frowns, combing his hands through Jongin’s hair as his head lies in Kyungsoo’s lap.

“Yeah, we have to start packing up to leave - or at least our division has to.” Jongdae motions between himself and Kyungsoo.

The botanist’s hands freeze in their movements, and he looks at Jongdae with wide eyes. “We’re...leaving?”

Jongdae sits up and looks at him with furrowed brows. “It’s September 9th, Kyungsoo. You’ve known since the beginning that we leave on September 12th. That’s only three days away.”

“I’m…” He’s speechless. “I just forgot, I guess…” Biting his lip, he lowers his gaze to Jongin, who’s staring right back at him with wide eyes, looking vulnerable. Jongdae excuses himself to talk to Suho, and Kyungsoo is left alone with a blank mind and Jongin lying in his lap.

Of course. He’s known in the back of his mind that he’d have to go back to his life some time. He wouldn’t be on Ex’act with Jongin forever. He has a job back on Earth, and a family who’s probably worried because he hasn’t contacted them in a month.

But when he looks down at Jongin, he doesn’t want to leave.

As if reading his thoughts, Jongin sighs and closes his eyes, grasping one of Kyungsoo’s hands and pressing it to his lips to kiss the soft skin of his palm tenderly. He then curls Kyungsoo’s fingers into his own and lays both of their hands over his heart.

“Go Kyun’soo,” he murmurs. “Go home.”

“But, Jongin, I don’t…” Kyungsoo’s grip tightens on his hand. “I don’t want to leave you.”

Jongin shakes his head and opens his eyes, the fire reflecting the warmth in them. He smiles then, and Kyungsoo feels his heart stutter. “Leave. See brother and father. Go home, Kyun’soo. I...I be okay.”

“I don’t know when I can come back.” Kyungsoo confesses. Expeditions to other planets are expensive and only happen every few years. He was lucky enough to be able to come on this one. Who knows if he’ll be able to come on the next one? “It might...be a long time.”

“I wait,” Jongin says honestly, “I wait forever for you.”

“So sweet.” Kyungsoo offers a small smile. “Maita sanseme.”

Jongin leans up on his elbows to give him a lasting, deep kiss. Kyungsoo savors it, closing his eyes and blocking out the outside noises, focusing only on the warm lips against his own. He only has three more days to feel these kisses and the touch of hot, rough hands against his skin. When exactly did he become so addicted to Jongin? Something tells him that a minute reaction happened the moment Jongin touched him for the first time, when he was curled up in that tree, and Jongin extended a hand to his cheek. Jongin had known then. He’d known that Kyungsoo was the one. But he didn’t want to keep Jongin in a promise that could take years and years.

“Listen,” Kyungsoo says once he breaks away from the kiss, “if I don’t come back for a while, don’t wait for me forever. If you feel sad waiting, then don’t force yourself.”

“Kyun’soo--” Jongin’s stopped by a finger to his lips.

“Promise me.”

Jongin frowns, not wanting to think about the possibility of Kyungsoo never coming back. But if it’s what Kyungsoo wants him to do then, “I promise.”

Three days later, and Kyungsoo returns back to the research camp with Jongin, who doesn’t want to part with him until the last minute. He has a hard time saying goodbye to the tribe. Kyungsoo’s bonded with quite a lot of them. A lot of the old women he came to love like grandmothers gave him trinkets, bracelets/anklets, and plenty of quilts. Jongin’s mother and brother gave him a civil sort of goodbye, but Kyungsoo knows they’ll miss him just a little bit.

Jongdae flies them to the camp, something that Jongin is delighted with, pressing his face up against the glass of the helicopter windows to look out with glee. And even when they land, Jongin is appalled by all of the unfamiliar technology around him. Kyungsoo lets him explore for a bit while he packs up his things from his tent. There’s not much to pack other than his personal belongings, and he has to remember to change back into his modern clothes just because he’s been so used to the reliable loincloth. His suitcase is stuffed full, and he has to borrow another bag from another researcher to carry the things given to him by the tribe. The last thing he packs is the flower crown Jongin made him, now dried out but he knows it will carry great meaning for him when he gets home.

When he gets outside, he sees Jongdae and the other members of their division packing things into the helicopter, along with the help of Jongin (who has more muscle than any of them). This larger one will take them to the ship on the other side of the exoplanet. Kyungsoo hands them his things, and Jongdae deems them ready to take off. Everyone climbs into the helicopter, but Kyungsoo strays behind when Jongin comes toward him. And he already feels tears spring to his eyes when Jongin embraces him tightly, crushing him against his chest. Kyungsoo wraps his arms around Jongin’s torso, feeling himself starting to cry, saltwater dripping down his cheeks. This is the last time he’ll see Jongin for a long time. He knows that.

“Nien iza nian berand sori’n ari, nier arluna.” Jongin’s voice sounds breathy and heavy, and Kyungsoo can easily guess that he’s crying too. “Nien...nien nian acai.”

“I-I love you too, Jongin.” Kyungsoo doesn’t want to let go. “I’ll miss you...so much.”

Jongin pulls away, only to cup Kyungsoo’s cheeks and kiss him passionately. It only serves to make him cry more, and Jongin wipes his tears from his face with a sad smile. “No cry.”

“You’re crying too, idiot,” Kyungsoo points out as he rubs at his eyes.

Jongin laughs, but it’s more like a sob. With the back of his fist, he smudges away the tears. Kyungsoo can’t help but hug him again. “I’ll come back, as soon as I can. I won’t forget you.”

“I no forget too.” Jongin replies and then pushes Kyungsoo away gently. “Now go, Kyun’soo,” he says over Jongdae screaming at them to hurry up.

“O-Okay.” Kyungsoo manages to force himself to let go of Jongin’s hands. He smiles at him for one last time before turning around and climbing into the helicopter, willing the tears away as he sits down and buckles into his seat. Jongdae starts up the engine, doublechecks that everything is running correctly, and then they start to take off.

Kyungsoo doesn’t look out the window, knowing that he’ll break if he looks at Jongin one last time.

An incessant beeping noise is what wakes him up from his sleep. With a groan, he rolls over in bed, trying to ignore it and fall back asleep, burying his face in his blankets. But it only continues, his phone shuddering and vibrating against the wood of the side table. He throws an arm over, wincing at the chill of the room as he grabs the stupid device, opening his bleary eyes just enough to spot the answer button on the screen, pressing it and lifting the phone to his ear. “What?” he mumbles.

“I knew it. I knew you were still sleeping. It’s 11 o’clock already!” Jongdae’s loud voice causes him to flinch and hold the phone away from his ear.

“So? I don’t have work today.” Kyungsoo is perfectly fine with spending his day in bed. He’s spent the whole last week staying up until the early morning every day to work on his recent project, so he needs the sleep. “If you need help with your sunflower thing or whatever, ask Minseok to--”

“Baekhyun’s flying home today. His flight from the U.S. is arriving at noon.” Jongdae says, and Kyungsoo is suddenly wide awake.

He sits up in the bed in a flash. “He is?”

“Yeah, so if you want to go see him when he arrives, come pick me up and lets go!”

Kyungsoo rolls his eyes. “So you just needed a ride. Fine, I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

“Alright. See you then!” Jongdae hangs up.

Placing his phone back down, Kyungsoo rubs at his eyes. He swings his legs over the bed, shivering at the cold air as he steps down onto the wood flooring, his bare feet padding out of his bedroom and into the bathroom. It’s just as freezing in there, and Kyungsoo curses the unforgiving Seoul winter and his shitty heating system. He’s never liked the cold and hurries to turn on the shower to warm him up.

It’s been three years since he last saw Baekhyun, who manages the expeditions to Ex’act. He had stayed there after Kyungsoo and Jongdae’s division left, and Kyungsoo heard that their ship landed two months ago in the headquarters in America. But he didn’t think Baekhyun would be coming back to Seoul so soon. He missed his friend, and he’s kind of pissed that Baekhyun didn’t bother to tell him that he was returning. Maybe he didn’t want to tear up any old scars Kyungsoo still has.

Yes, he still thinks about Jongin. He sleeps with the quilts from the tribe, and the flower crown from Jongin hangs on his bedroom wall like a wreath. Kyungsoo wishes he could go back, but with Baekhyun coming home and the expedition now over he doubts there will be another for another six years or so. He’s started to give up on the idea of ever seeing him again. If he goes back in six years, Jongin would probably have moved on like Kyungsoo asked him to.

Once he’s done getting ready, Kyungsoo grabs his keys and heads out the door of his apartment. It only takes him a few minutes to pick up Jongdae, who’s shivering and bundled up in a thick parka. He lets out a whine, as usual, the moment he gets into Kyungsoo’s car and starts fiddling with the heater. Kyungsoo slaps his hand away.

When they’re pulling into the airport parking lot, Jongdae suddenly unbuckles his seatbelt and turns around to mess around with the back seats.

“What are you doing? I’m driving!” Kyungsoo glances at him like he’s crazy.

“I’m cleaning up the back seat; it’s a mess!” Jongdae says, grabbing the random pieces of trash and miscellaneous items collected back there.

“You don’t need to. It’s only Baekhyun we’re picking up.” Kyungsoo pulls into a parking spot, confused.

“Yeah, well, I’m sorry I want our boss slash friend to be comfortable after his long flight,” Jongdae replies as he gets out of the car. It still makes no sense to Kyungsoo because it’s not like Baekhyun is a big guy anyways, but he’s gotten used to never questioning Jongdae’s madness too much.

They head to the terminal and end up sitting on one of the benches as they wait for Baekhyun’s plane to land. Kyungsoo still feels sleepy and closes his eyes, slumped against the chair.

“So are you going to bombarde Baekhyun with questions about youknowwho? I’m surprised you never contacted him while he was still on Ex’act.” Jongdae’s question makes him groan.

“No, I’m not. And I didn’t because I feel like I’d miss Jongin more.” Kyungsoo mumbles.

“Hmm,” is all Jongdae says, and that makes Kyungsoo crack in eye open in surprise. Jongdae’s smiling, and that makes Kyungsoo narrow his eyes in suspicion. Is there something he doesn’t know?

“I’m gonna grab something from the Starbucks. Want anything?” Jongdae asks as he stands up.

“No thanks,” Kyungsoo sighs, though he probably could use something to keep him up and awake. Jongdae leaves, and he sits up to keep himself up and running.

Hanging his head, Jongdae’s words again brought him to the topic of Jongin, and Kyungsoo toys with the bracelet on his wrist, the one given to him by Boa with its little moon charm. He can’t count how many times he’s dreamed of Jongin’s voice murmuring nier arluna to him. And whenever he goes to help with Jongdae’s projects and research, he always thinks to himself, ‘Would Jongin like these flowers?’ Some nights he has vivid dreams of being back on Ex’act, of practicing knitting with those old ladies, of bathing in the lake and stream, of sleeping through the cool nights with Jongin stuck to his side. He can’t help that he misses it, those days.


His head snaps up, and he sees Jongdae waving him over from the starbucks that’s close to terminal. “The plane is here!”

Getting up, Kyungsoo strolls to where Jongdae stands, sipping on an iced coffee. “Right on the dot. I’m impressed.”

Jongdae nods, and he perks up when he sees the people from the plane beginning to emerge. “Should be coming any minute now.” He looks excited and keeps staring at Kyungsoo with an expectant smile.

Kyungsoo furrows his brows. “Why do you keep looking at me like that?”

“Nothing.” Jongdae’s smile only widens.

“There’s something you’re not telling me,” Kyungsoo scoffs, returning his gaze to the trickle of arriving passengers. It doesn’t take long before he spots Baekhyun, dressed in comfortable clothes with a bag on his back. He looks a little frazzled for some reason, glancing behind him.

“Baekhyun!” Jongdae calls, waving his arms. Baekhyun turns his head and instantly sports a large grin once he sees them.

“Hey, guys,” Baekhyun greets as he makes his way over. He frowns though and turns around to look at the terminal once again. “Where is that tall idiot? I told him to grab our things not take forever on thanking every flight attendant on the plane…” he mumbles.

“You left him alone?” Jongdae gawks.

Baekhyun laughs nervously. “Look he’s been in the states, and he was doing great, so I figured he could handle it.”

“Who are you two talking about?” Kyungsoo asks. “Did you bring someone—”

“Baekhyun-hyung!” A happy, familiar voice calls, and Kyungsoo turns to see a head of pink hair running through the crowd, one bag under each arm. He almost doesn’t recognize him - because he looks so different, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.

Kyungsoo trembles as Jongin emerges. He must’ve not known that Kyungsoo was coming because the moment he sees him he stops, drops the bags, and then runs forward. Kyungsoo stumbles back a step as Jongin collides with him, arms hugging him tight. It takes Kyungsoo a moment to get over the initial shock before he’s embracing Jongin back. He can already feel himself crying and buries his face in Jongin’s neck.

Jongin’s chest vibrates as he laughs. “Why are you hiding?”

Kyungsoo pulls away with surprised, watery eyes. “Your English…”

Jongin smiles at him, and Kyungsoo feels like fainting from just the reappearance of those dimples. “I practiced for you, nier arluna.” He presses their foreheads together. “I came for you, Kyungsoo.”

“B-But your tribe and - how?” Kyungsoo is speechless.

“You are my fate, and I cannot live without you.” Jongin strokes Kyungsoo’s cheek. “My tribe will be fine without me.”

“He came every night to practice English with me,” Baekhyun speaks up, grinning. “And the night before we took off to go back to Earth, he asked if there was a seat left for him to take.”

“You’re really here to stay?” Kyungsoo croaks, unbelieving.

“If you want me, I am here - forever.”

*Ex’actian is a made up language by me. Most words are made up and few are stemmed from Basque, an old latin language. Translations:
“Nien iku” - I see
“Zar dire nian egik, Kai? Zikgatik dig nian eki hau human?” - What are you doing, Kai? Why are you holding that human?
“Lasist! Ti da zauris.” - Quiet! He is hurt.
“Nien di sentitiz, sanseme.” - I am sorry, prince (note: translates literally to ‘holy son’).
“Esker nian kezent, Binnie.” - Thank you for the worry, Binnie.
“Ah, zar ekar nian hemin, sanseme? Ha human?” - Ah, what brings you here, prince? A human?
“Ti dien eraso ara hi beltkatu.” - He was attacked by a beltkatu (Ex’actian panther).
“Maita sanseme.” - Kind prince.
“Sansatiene bizan nian iku, sanseme.” - Chief/Queen wants to see you, prince.
“Nien iza belt’an, nier arluna.” - I will return, my moon.
“Nien nian etan sek!” - I told you no!
“Ki, satiene.” - Yes, mother.
“Esker nian, nier arluna.” - Thank you, my moon.
“Dire nian ilu’si? Hayi esat ri’n neskent dire tze-tze lako nian.” - Are you excited? Hayi said she and the girls are fighting for you.
“Nien sek’zain.” - I don’t care.
“Aw, iz aria. Nian hit cuzip oran.” - Aw, cheer up. You can cut it now.
“Nier arluna, nian dire endare. Nien nian acai.” - My moon, you are beautiful. I love you.
“H-Hi sentin mainice.” - I-It feels good.
“Zar dire nian egik, sinmi h’arluna?” - What are you doing, soft child of the moon?
“Ah, nian dire tis arluna.” - Ah, you are his moon.
“Sansena” - wife/princess
“Nien iza nian berand sori’n ari, nier arluna.” - I will miss you day and night, my moon.
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Date: 2016-08-31 04:08 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Thank you. But man I feel like Kai was cheated. He gave up tradition n chose Soo as his "wife" n Soo just up n left him. He just left him. Yes. He mention about how in all those three years he never forgot about Kai but it seems like he was okay to never see Kai again. Yes he's sad but still he was okay to never see Kai again. I just feel he didn't love Kai as much as Kai loved him. I don't like him in here. I still love every of it. Mainly cuz Kai is a sweetheart but I didn't care for Soo so much. Cry. He just up n left him. Okay done rambling now. Sorry. Bye.

Date: 2016-08-31 05:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kaisoosass.livejournal.com
This is my first time ever reading a tribal au i think bc i was always hesitant to read this kind of fic but the summary of this fic just had to attract me into reading a tribal au and!!!!! THIS WAS RLLY GOOOOD ISTG jongin's charac in here was so adorable and sweet uhhffj his broken english got me giggling all the time. I rlly love kaisoo's relationship in here. Definitely worth to try reading this and i dont regret one bit 💝💞 will surely comeback here to reread this! Keep up the good work author 😘 nier arluna 😝

Date: 2016-08-31 06:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] elericelery.livejournal.com
at first i thought it was going to be a typical love story where kyungsoo stayed on ex'act and i was pleasantly surprised that that was not the case! i really loved all the imagery of jongin and kyungsoo being floral and pretty :) and i think the way you ended it made it a lot more meaningful than if Kyungsoo had decided to stay: because both of them ended up giving something up i think it helped them to grow as characters behind the scenes.

Date: 2016-08-31 06:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nicolina nilsson (from livejournal.com)

Date: 2016-08-31 06:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ineedadance.livejournal.com
This was so great!!!! Really well done, and I could feel their attachment for each other but it wasn't overdone like that they would literally die without each other or anything. Like, it was great that Kyungsoo could live fine on his own, but you could feel that their love was still important. Thanks for writing!

Date: 2016-08-31 07:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ineedadance.livejournal.com
This was so great!!!! Really well done, and I could feel their attachment for each other but it wasn't overdone like that they would literally die without each other or anything. Like, it was great that Kyungsoo could live fine on his own, but you could feel that their love was still important. Thanks for writing!

Date: 2016-08-31 09:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] margodaisy92.livejournal.com

Date: 2016-08-31 10:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] blueheadband.livejournal.com
omg kai's hair made me think of rapunzel's hair when she braids it with the flowers wowwwww i love it
nier arluna ;__; this is so sweet my heart was fluttering every time kai talked
i can't stop thinking about his hair he would look so pretty

Date: 2016-09-01 02:03 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
this story is amazing oh my god?? everything was perfect, i was amazed by the language and the culture you created. The angst broke my heart a bit, but the ending was so sweet.

And jongin with long, pink hair!! jongin with flowers in his hair!!! jongin calling kyungsoo my moon!! kyungsoo being jongin's wife/princess !!! Kyungsoo braiding jongin's hair!! muscled!jongin!! i loved so many parts of this gem im so blessed //sobs//

Date: 2016-09-01 02:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] thekaisoo.livejournal.com
i thought tribal!au is boring bUT this (((topkai))) sAVED ME oHMGOD i did not expect it to be this beaUTIFUL AUTHORNIM ;_____;

even if you killed my bias i still love you because the ending is just so beautiful i want more ;________________;

thank you for writing this and im rambling goodbye

Date: 2016-09-01 03:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] trashpoptragedies (from livejournal.com)
At first I was surprised Chanyeol just died. But who cares because pink haired, flower crowned Jongin is all anyone truly needs. I never read tribal aus, but I think I'm officially hooked now. I love your created language, background, characterizations. I almost cried when they split. But the ending was perfect. It gave me Avatar vibes; but so much better ofc. This definitely deserves to be a multichap fic.

Date: 2016-09-01 06:02 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
i'm speechless. i don't know how to put into words just how much i loved this. how creative are you to make up a language and make it sound so beautiful at the same time?

the entire world you created was so amazing i just adore you for that. and jongin, god, he's so in love with kyungsoo, i can't even tell you how many times my heart literally clenched while reading this and i'm not just saying this. whenever my chest hurts/flutters while reading i story i can simply tell it's going to be another masterpiece, which this definitely is. i had tears in my eyes when yhey seperated and was smiling when jongin came back to kyungsoo.

i absolutely loved kyungsoo in this, while he was somewhat shy he wasn't weak/helpless by no means; basically just how i imagine ksoo to be, a bit grumpy with a 'shut up' attitude yet he still couldn't stop himself for falling for jongin.

this was perfect in every aspect and is officially my new favorite tribal!au and i need to know who you are so i can hug you for writing such an amazing piece of art. thank you so much, dear author!!!
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